To attract a younger audience, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences enlisted James Franco and Anne Hathaway to host last year’s ceremony. While the idea was a good one, Franco and Hathaway garnered mixed reviews for their duties. Anne was the Energizer Bunny on speed while Franco’s monotone delivery gave the impression he didn’t want to be there. Instead of returning to a familiar host like Billy Crystal, the Academy chose to take another gamble.

To my recollection, besides guest hosting SNL, I don’t think Seth MacFarlane has emceed an awards show before, let alone one of this magnitude. While well known to the younger set due to Family Guy and last year’s blockbuster comedy Ted, the older-skewing Oscar audience may not be familiar with his edgy humor. He definitely has to find a right balance to appeal to all demos.

Based on five newly-released promos, I’d say he’s on his way to achieving that. But live television is a brand new ball game and sometimes one’s comedic chops fail them. Check out the clips below which have MacFarlane tweeting, drinking and pretending to be Oscar frontrunner Daniel Day-Lewis.

Ask Your Kids

Ask Your Kids

Seth Has A Drink

Seth or Daniel Day-Lewis?

Seth Checks Twitter

Which promo did you enjoy the most? Do you think Seth MacFarlane will excel at hosting the Oscars? Who’s your all-time favorite Oscar host? Sound off below.