2013 MTV Video Music Awards: Five Takeaways

By the time I got home last night from my camping weekend trip, I was too exhausted to watch the MTV Music Video Awards. I finally got around to checking out the telecast this afternoon. Thankfully, for the power of digital recording devices, I was able to go through the entire program in half the time. Overall, it wasn’t a bad show with a handful of highlights. Check out my top five takeaways from the 2013 MTV VMAs below.

Justin Timberlake Has A Bigger Ego Than Beyonce

Let me preface this by saying I love Justin Timberlake, but was a tad disappointed with him last night. The night was pretty much catered to him. He had a boatload of nominations going into the ceremony and was being bestowed with the prestigious Michael Jackson Vanguard Award.

With so much attention already on him, you’d think he would’ve give his ‘N Sync band members more time in the spotlight than 30 seconds. Even Beyonce, gave Michelle Williams a couple shots at a solo during the Super Bowl. I would’ve rather had a longer ‘N Sync medley instead of a “Senorita” segment. Don’t you agree? With that being said, JT killed it during his entire performance.

Miley Cyrus Has Big Balls

Say what you will about Miley Cyrus, but girl isn’t afraid of anything. While her performance was extremely pitchy, I thoroughly enjoyed watching her twerk for Robin Thicke, finger herself with a giant foam finger and just act bat sh*t crazy on stage. I loved every minute of it.

Naturally, not everyone loved the “We Can’t Stop” singer’s performance. The Parents Television Council hated it, Brooke Shields called her “desperate” on the Today Show, while Kelly Clarkson tweeted “pitchystrippers.” OH, SHE CAME THAT WAY!!! LOL. Clarkson didn’t directly call out Cyrus, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who she’s referring to. Oh, and if you haven’t seen Will Smith and his kids’ reaction to the performance… GOOGLE IT. Their facial reactions are priceless.

Macklemore Is One Super Sexy Ginger

Forget Prince Harry. Macklemore should be the poster child for world’s sexiest ginger. He looked insanely hot in his light blue suit. Dude got even sexier when he rapped his little heart out during his LGBT anthem “Same Love.” Bonus points for bringing out Jennifer Hudson to accompany him and Mary Lambert on the track.

Taylor Swift Is One Bitter Beyotch

I wanna like Taylor Swift, but she’s making it extremely harder to do so as each day passes. She’s coming off as a self-entitled spoiled brat as of late. From eye rolls to last night’s incident, someone needs to check this girl before she wrecks herself.

While One Direction was presenting an award, she was clearly seen saying “shut the f*ck up” to bestie Selena Gomez. Best part of it, was Gomez’s instant reaction of looking up at the big screen to see if the cameras were on her. Who knew the “Slow Dance” singer was so savvy? If Swift is bitter now, can you imagine how she’ll be at age 40 and single? YIKES!!!

Lady Gaga Is A Class Act

After One Direction received several boos from the audience (and Swift’s ire), the “Applause” singer gave them a few words of support. “I want to leave right now,” Gaga told the group backstage. “I don’t want to stay anymore because I don’t want to be in a room where people are booing.” I just want to tell you that deserve every bit of success that you have,” she said.

Bravo Gaga for being classy and also for the widely riveting opening number. Girlfriend let it all hang out.

Did you watch last night’s show? What was your favorite moment? Sound off below.

  • Lawrence

    A little fact check, the Smith’s were not reacting to Miley Performance they were reacting to Gaga when she came out with her Little Mermaid outfit.

  • Miley… Dear dear Miley… Thats just a trainwreck to happen… I like the girl but the way she performs is just akward and sad… And get over the tongue thingie… Not the best thing I saw that night… To be honest… Was there a good thing?

  • justin

    what the fuck leave taylor swift alone. i didnt hear her say shut the fuck up, i saw her mouth move but i didnt not actually hear her say those words so im not gonna assume anything other than she said something to selena gomez. try saying olive juice to someone and i love you your mouth makes the same shapes so unless you were actually their hearing her speak do no assume what she said that is how drama starts.
    lady gaga was amazing in her performance it was simple and stylistic so much better than katy perry’s performance of her sara berilles brave cover.
    the nsync medely should have been way longer.
    miley cyrus just needs to stop with the antics. what was the point of her performance especially considering how misogynistic and sexist blurred lines is already what was the point of her rubbing robin thickes crotch with her ass. i understand women pushing sexual boundaries but what was the point. bad singing and bad dancing without a point. dont get it.

  • Charlie

    It’s debatable about who they were reacting to Lawrence..thanks for the good commentary and for the recommendation to look up the Smiths..it was bloody priceless!

  • Leon Walker

    Mainly the VMA’s angered me. Justin ‘Overrated’ Timberlake… where do i start…

    That was the most over the top, self indulgent performance for a mediocre artist, who’s vast majority of songs have not stood the test of time, his Vocals were shocking… The very little he sang, because of the over the top dance production which was badly executed on all counts. Utter shite performance. And ohh let’s just bring out the old bad mates for good measure, try and distract people from their utterly disastrous dance routine by trying to remember there names….

    It appears to have very little to do with he Videos themselves these days as many winners were good (popular) songs but the videos weren’t really all that! I mean Selena… That’s a ‘Only Girl in the World’ rip-off…

    Miley is trying way tooooo hard to not be thought of as a child star, but is just coming across like an immature slut, who is nowhere near adulthood.

    Lady G getting all shy while that awful, awful comedienne? Was talking about her ass, while she still had the fecking thong and she’ll bra on was soooo pathetic and fake! I’m not a fan of Applause as a whole… But tbf, bitch knows how to put on a show!!

    Thank the fecking heavens for Macklemore!! Goosebumps galore! Awesome performance! Made the rest of the shite worth it!! Truly awesome!!

    On a side note, is it wrong that I found Robin Thicke incredibly hott in his Beetlejuice suit???

  • Ryan

    The NSYNC reunion…so nostalgic but too brief. I was crossing my fingers for “Tearin’ Up My Heart”. Cyrus just seems desperate to push an image, hence her twerking in an outfit that alluded to Mickey Mouse. For anyone who felt that Robin Thicke was guilty of misogyny for “Blurred Lines”, I guess that being molested on stage by Cyrus ended up being his punishment.

  • EvChemical

    I thought all the performances this year were pretty decent. I loved GaGa’s opening, it was very theatrical and fun. JT put on a stellar performance, though *NSYNC could have rehearsed their dancing more.

    Taylor Swift, to me she’s always come off as self-entitled and spoiled. Unfortunately, she’s a bully on top of this so I don’t respect her. IKYWT is a solid track, but her acceptance was petty.

    Sidenote: classy of Kelly Clarkson, as an artist who’s been attacked by the media about her image, you think she’d have more tact for other people, let alone a fellow entertainer. Miley did her thing, fuck the haters.

  • stranded

    I thought Gaga’s performance was weak, the costume changes were a wreck. It made the performance look sloppy. I didn’t get it either, why was she revisiting her two former looks? Was she debuting the 3rd mermaid esque type?

    Miley, oh deary… I loved the fake Miley who introduced her, that was funny. I agree it looked desperate. Proving you’re a woman doesn’t mean stripping down to a bikini and shaking your chicken butt. I didn’t hate it, but if felt like weak sauce.

    WTF was up with Drake?

    Wtf was up with Harry from 1D? He had this, “I don’t want to be here” attitude. He did look hot though, i’m starting to get their appeal. Sucks they were booed, but it was a bit funny.

    Mackelmore was amazing. Bruno Mars too.

    Timberlake was good, i don’t mind he only did a little bit of NSync, the an award was just for him and his solo career. But it’s only been 11 years of him being a solo artist, and he just released his 3rd album. Even though he has a lot of hits, it doesn’t seem like some great honor for a relatively short career.

    Who were those skanky blonde girls the camera kept cutting to?

    Maybe it’s nostalgia, but i remember the awards use to mean something. They were like the cooler Grammys but now, its like a teen choice award. Maybe it’s because i don’t like a lot of the music that’s out and popular. Plus rock is dead and not represented on MTV anymore. So the show doesn’t feel well rounded.

  • Belladonna

    LADY GAGA, MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS killed It!!! Gaga’s Applause Performance was Beyond Theatrical & just so good I was scared she might not make it crazy enough but she showed everyone! Lol And Macklemore, Ryan Lewis & The Amazing – MARY LAMBERT made me cry it was so good & the ending part when she was singing with Jennifer Hudson was so epic !!!! Loved It!

  • Reece Sealock

    Side note: Taylor Swift’s comment when she accepted her award could not possibly have been about Harry Styles. Her song released with her album “Red” in October of 2012. Harry and Taylor dated the following month in November until January. Unless she has a crystal ball, that song is about someone else.

  • Andie

    Taylor Swift must be a real b”tch at school…or anywhere.

    If you knew he were trouble, it must be really desperate for you to keep approaching…

    Afraid to grow old alone?

  • Andie

    @Reece > Agree. The timing is not right for Harry. She got the song first. But still pretty low class to mumble stfu. LOL!!

  • Andie

    Miley’s act is pathetic…after proving to crowd that she can’t sing live..I doubt she’ll win anything from now on…

  • jolincas

    It’s not debatable who they were reacting to. The picture clearly shows what presentation they were looking at. It was Gaga’s, Charlie.

  • jolincas

    What is wrong with Taylor? Is she 14? Even if the song is about Harry, they only dated for a couple of months, it’s not like he left her with a onemonth old baby, pregnant while breaking her heart for her to be so scorned. Come on, girl! Every guy she dates breaks her heart, that is not a coincidence. Maybe the problem is her, and giving away “her heart” so quickly.

  • stranded

    Supposedly her people said, she said “sorry about my arm” to selena gomez, not “STFU” DOUBT IT!

  • jay

    Whenever Madonna performed her over-the-top “oversexualized” performances back in the days people reacted same way they are reacting to Miley’s videos and performances now. What people don’t realize is, hate em or love em they get people talking— and that separates them from your average boring performers who will be forgotten in a month or two and ones that gets their names remembered.

  • Nick

    GAGA: Classy, interesting, knows how to put on a good show, best entertainer, could hold a note
    MILEY: Sleazy, but in all the right ways, could have better vocals
    DRAKE: Why is this guy even famous? Degrassi was his peak.
    KANYE: Simple, creative, but could have been better
    JT/NYNSYNC: A little pretentious, but likeable at the same time, made it feel like a VMA show
    BRUNO: Best vocals, cool lighting, really powerful
    MACKLEMORE: Honest, commendable, modern and I thought Jennifer Hudson was going to kiss Mary Lambert at the end
    KATY PERRY: Reminded us why you can only blow a song up to a certain point before it gets kind of flat and boring. Over rated

  • Leon Walker

    The only thing that has me wondering about the whole Taylor/Harry thing is…. It’s not after he speaks that she says it…

  • czahnie

    Taylor Swifty: I wish the Bubonic Plague upon that serial Mongomist. My 9 & 3 year old nieces love her, and thrash her music every fucking morning! There, I said it.

  • Kyle

    Ok, as a loyal reader of this blog, i need to say this.
    1. The Smith’s reaction wasnt even about Miley Cyrus, they had that expression while Lady Gaga was on stage.
    2. We don’t know for sure if Taylor said”STFU” or”Sorry for my arms,” unless you’re Selena or you were there and HEARD her, that’s defamation. Wow, just because of Selena “surprised expression,” suddenly everyone in the US is an expert at lip reading. Spreading unconfirmed lies to criticize another human being is pretty low.

    Sorry but i will stop following this blog until Donovan edit this post or this blog starts to post REAL and CONFIRMED news.

  • Benjamin

    Let’s not kid ourselves. There is nothing classy about Gaga, but rather desperation. Her performance was boring and completely overshadowed by Miley. It did not help that the song was weak to begin with. Her “support” for One Direction was nothing more than an attempt to win over their fanbase. It’s also amusing that she quickly turned it around and made it about her, reminding everyone that her “boos” were piped in and intentional. Girl has seriously lost the plot.

  • Kristopher

    Lady Gag is so pathetic and desperate to try and be original and i have no idea which performance some of you watched to be able to say she can dance and sing and put on a good show. That was weak and boring and she sounded awful in most spots. And yes she used some playback.

  • Andie

    Liam deserve much better girl than miley
    And Taylor defenders, stop living in denial…You just refuse to accept the truth…Let me mouth “FU” and see you can read my lips or not