2013 Billboard Awards: Five Takeaways

It’s a long weekend up here in my neck of the woods, ergo the delay of posts today. Sufficed to say, a good time was had by all yesterday and I’m paying the price now. Watching last night’s Billboard Music Awards today was the perfect remedy to bring me back to life. After seeing Taylor Swift walk away with eight awards, I had to share my five takeaways from the event held in Las Vegas. Find out what they are below.

No One Likes Justin Bieber

Poor Justin Bieber. The 19-year-old could get no love during last night’s telecast. Not only was he booed/cheered during one of his acceptance speeches, but he was on the receiving end of some serious shade thrown by Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. Swift couldn’t hide her disgust as Selena Gomez kissed her ex Justin. Meanwhile, Cyrus rolled her eyes when she saw Bieber’s name in the sealed envelope.

Side Boob Is Out

Forget the side boob, it’s all about the side butt. Kesha looked surprisingly somewhat classy for her.

Christina Aguilera Is Skinny Again

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny X-tina looks great after shedding a few pounds. Loved that a-ha popped up to join Pitbull and Christina during this performance.

Miguel Should Never Do This Again

What was he thinking? I’m pretty sure Miguel cleared this jump during rehearsals. Unfortunately for him, when it came to the real thing, he knocked the heads of a couple of girls during the jump causing him to butt plant. Funniest part was he hugged the wrong girl to apologize.

Canadian Divas Still Have It

Canadian divas showed the youngsters they still have it. Shania Twain and Celine Dion were tapped to present the evening’s first and last awards and looked stunning doing so. It only makes sense since both ladies are headlining successful shows in Sin City.

Did you watch last night’s show? What was your favorite performance? Why do you think Miley and Taylor hate Justin? Sound off below.

  • haha it wasn’t that he hugged the wrong girl to apologize, it’s that the girl who was worst hit was still kind of out of it at that point + this girl was nearby.

  • Ryan

    Shania twain looks amazing here!

  • Leon Walker

    I have a new found respect for Miss Cyrus! And Taylor obvs hates him coz he’ s messing her mate about, and has turned into a massive douce! Loving hot X-tina. Loved swifty’s performance!!

  • rogelio

    I have started to like Taylor. She seems more fun now, showing it while living it up to JLo. She seems to care for her friend, she made fun of herself with her relationship comment and she dislikes JB. Cool, normal, sweet & talented girl.

  • Damien

    Guess Bieber is in his own world now. Alone.

  • Leon

    The Queen of Pop’s speech was the best part. I just wish the award was given to her by someone other than shit.i.am