Nominations for the 2013 Grammy Awards are just around the corner. In fact, they’ll be revealed during CBS’ telecast, The Grammy Nominations Concert Live!! — Countdown To Music’s Biggest Night, airing on December 5, 2012. Hosting the event again is LL Cool J with Taylor Swift co-hosting alongside him. Three-time Grammy Award winners Maroon 5 are on deck performing, plus Fun., Ne-Yo, Hunter Hayes, The Band Perry, Dierks Bentley and The Who.

One of the biggest awards handed out on Grammy night is hands down Best New Artist. For every Adele, Carrie Underwood, Mariah Carey, Maroon 5 or Alicia Keys, there are a few missteps like Milli Vanilli and Hootie & the Blowfish. I still can’t believe Hootie beat out Brandy, Alanis Morisette or Shania Twain that year. Hell, I would’ve even taken Joan Osborne over them. Okay, maybe I took it too far with that one. LOL.

Unlike last year where Nicki Minaj, The Band Perry, Skrillex, J. Cole were nominated with Bon Iver winning, this year boasts a solid crop of potential nominees. Even with such a strong field, the Academy has to be careful who to acknowledge. I’ve picked a few acts from this year I have a feeling are being considered for a Best New Artist Grammy. Check them out below and see if you agree with their chances. I’ve split them into two categories- “Strong Contenders” and “Longshots“. Be sure to leave your comments at the end.

2013 Grammys Serious Contenders


Technically, this is from fun.’s sophomore album, but due to a technicality they’re still considered “new artists” by Grammys standards. They dominated early in the year with their Janelle Monae collaboration, “We Are Young“. Then built on that momentum with “Some Nights“. They’re commercial yet possess indie cool. Their music is rock but with pop sensibilities. In other words, they’re tailor-made for the Grammys. fun. is as sure of a thing as it gets when it comes for nominations.

One Direction

Typically, boy bands don’t get much love at the Grammys, especially this category. The Backstreet Boys are the only ones in recent memory to garner a nomination for Best New Artist. That said, a little known quartet known as The Beatles from across the pond nabbed the big prize back in 1965. You never know. 1D might pull it off as well. At the very least, get a nod. They did, after all, become the first UK group to score a No. 1 album with their debut. In fact, they scored two chart-topping albums this year.


Like fun., this Aussie sensation owned the Billboard Hot 100 early in the year. Not only did he win over American listeners, but “Somebody That I Used to Know” topped the charts in Germany, France, Canada, Ireland, UK, Austria and Belgium to name a few. Sadly, none of the follow up singles have fared remotely near Somebody’s success. The Grammys definitely don’t want to honor a one hit wonder? Or do they… Milli Vanilli anyone?

Carly Rae Jepsen

Speaking of one hit wonders, or should I say one hit and a half wonder. She did after all duet with Owl City for “Good Time”. “Call Me Maybe” is the pure definition of a phenomenon. I can’t think any other song in recent memory that spawned so many lip dubs on YouTube. There’s no maybes about it, the Grammys are going to call the Canadian singer come nomination day.

Frank Ocean

He came out, released a critically acclaimed album and appeared on SNL. Ocean has done well with album sales but hasn’t charted one single Top 20 hit… yet. That aside, I think he’s a sure thing for a nomination. He’s like last year’s winner Bon Iver with his sensitive side, but with a bit more edge. Out of the lot, he has the most potential for a long career.

Ellie Goulding

Remember the tortoise and the hare? Well, Ellie Goulding is said tortoise. The Brit took forever for “Lights” to chart in the US, but when it did, it was a huge hit. She’s cute, blond and has an angelic voice. That worked for Jewel back in 1997 when she was nominated. Why can’t it work for Goulding in 2012?

Hunter Hayes

If Justin Bieber was a country singer, Hunter Hayes would be it. If the Academy wants to honor the popular music genre and a teen heartthrob, they can kill two birds with this cute stone. He scored a No. 1 hit on Billboard’s Country charts with “Wanted“.

Lana del Rey

Truth be told, I don’t really get Lana del Rey. Sure, I love her H&M “Blue Velvet” commercial and the dance remix of “Blue Jeans”, but nothing else. That said, this quirky indie stunner has a legion of diehard fans. Will Grammy voters hold her disastrous Saturday Night Live debut against her though? I know, I do 😉

2013 Grammys Longshots

The Wanted

There’s no way the Grammys are going to honor two boy bands, or man band in this case. Personally, I don’t understand why they’re not bigger than they are. “Chasing The Sun” and “I Found You” are great singles, but haven’t cracked the Top 10, let alone the Top 40, unlike “Glad You Came” which peaked at No. 3.

Emeli Sande

Words can’t describe how much I love this woman. She’s the black Scottish Adele if you’ve never heard of her. Her voice is MAY-JOR. Sande killed it during the opening and closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympics this past summer. Sadly, she hasn’t really made a blip in North America. Still, I’m hoping the Grammys acknowledge her so that she gets the recognition she so truly deserves.

Ed Sheeran

Here’s another talent from across the pond. His debut album + spawned four Top 10 UK hits, but only “The A Team” has made a ripple here stateside. While not a huge success for his own work, his songwriting credits have fared much better. Sheeran penned One Direction’s “Little Things” and Taylor Swift’s “Everything Has Changed”.


This Kiwi chanteuse was one half of Gotye’s global smash “Somebody I Used To Know“, but deserves accolades on her own merits. If you haven’t checked out her debut album “Vows“, you really should.

The Lumineers

If you like Mumford and Sons, you’ll love The Lumineers. This folk rock band based in Denver, Colorado deserves a nod alone just for the title of their highest charting single. How awesome is “Ho Hey“. Brilliant if you ask me.

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