2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: My 15 Favorite Outfits

Some consider Thanksgiving the start to the Holiday Season, while others wait for December 1st. For me, it’s when CBS airs their annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. No lie. It’s one of my favorite things in the entire world. Mark my words, one day I will attend it front row, hanging out with the supermodels respective boyfriends 😉 While not as potent as last year’s telecast, the lingerie fashion show still managed to be the highest rated program of the night in the coveted demo. Congrats ladies.

For me, this wasn’t one of the best outings by Victoria’s Secret. I thought there was TOO much focus on the music acts. Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars all performed two sons apiece. IMHO, the show shines the best when it’s all about the ladies sashaying down the runway to a wicked mash-up. It’s their one time a year to shine. We can watch RiRi and the Biebs on the X Factor, Grammys, AMAs, VMAs and the list go on.

That said, there were a few highlights. The “Circus” theme was brilliant (thanks to the awesome mashup) as was the “Silver Screen Angels“. The giant-sized pinball props for the “Pink Is Us” was also worth noting. Even though a few ensembles from the “Calendar Girls” segment made my Top 15 list, it was the worst theme. When the outfits went wrong, they went horribly wrong. Check out my Top 15 favorites from last night’s show.

2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 15 Best Outfits

Alessandra Ambrosio

Segment: Angels in Bloom

Alessandra was the lucky girl this year to wear the VS Fantasy Bra, worth approximately 2.5 million. The standout here though is the floral wings. Absolutely divine. I could’ve done without the leafy hip embellishments.

Candice Swanepoel

Segment: Angels in Bloom

The powers-that-be are definitely trying to take credit for Candice’s success. The South African beauty had an entire package entirely about her. Once again, the floral wings are to die for.

Sui He

Segment: Silver Screen Angels

The picture here doesn’t do this outfit justice. The way the dress sparkled was breathtaking. Hands down my favorite outfit of the night. You can actually wear it to a party, and not just a Halloween one either.

Hilary Rhoda

Segment: Calendar Girls

Sure it’s a little cheesy, but the clover wings are magically delicious 😉

Barbara Fialho

Segment: Calendar Girls

Out of this segment, this was the best. Is it wrong that I want that oversized beach hat? Totes adorable bathing suit too.

Izabel Goulart

Segment: Circus

That bedazzled snake is EVERYTHING. This outfit reminds me of Britney Spears’ outfit from her MTV performance of “I’m A Slave 4 U”.

Liu Wen

Segment: Circus

I wonder how long it took to remove all those “tattoos” off her body. Probably too much time and that’s why this was Liu’s only appearance of the night. Fun fact: Wen was the first model of Chinese descent to walk the VS fashion show a few years ago.

Frida Gustavsson

Segment: Calendar Girls

I think this was supposed to represent Cinco de Mayo, but not 100% certain. The weaving on the corset and sleeves is exquisite.

Erin Heatherton

Segment: Calendar Girls

Not the best outfit, but wanted to include it for a couple of reasons. First, the angel wings are adorable. Secondly, poor Erin didn’t handle her wardrobe malfunction all that great. Her hat wouldn’t stay on and when forced out on the runway without it, she was clearly rattled. It’ll be interesting to see if she’s asked back next year.

Jourdan Dunn

Segment: Pink Is Us

She’s a sexy Buzz Lightyear, don’t you think? Fierce to the umpteenth degree. Bonus points for doing the robot at the end of the catwalk.

Sharam Diniz

Segment: Pink Is Us

Keeping with the Toy Story theme, Sharam is one sexy Woody. Loved how the rope was fashioned into wings. Brill idea. Side note: I love how when Sharam walked out, it was timed perfectly to Nicki Minaj’s interlude to Justin Beiber’s “Beauty and a Beat”. LOL.

Candice Swanepoel

Segment: Circus

The heels, the parasol, the barely there bedazzled bra and panties… It all works.

Behati Prinsloo

Segment: Angels in Bloom

The petals fluttering in the wind as Behati walked down the runway were a sight to behold.

Joan Smalls

Segment: Silver Screen Angels

The world’s current No. 1 supermodel, according to Models.com. Of course I had to put Smalls here. I adore the print on her draped fabric.

Bregje Heinen

Segment: Dangerous Liasons

Who doesn’t love a slutty french aristocrat ensemble?

2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Worst Outfit

Izabel Goulart

What really kills this outfit for me are the bottom pom-poms. It looks ridiculous. They could’ve just filled out the top part more, if they had extra poms.

The One Outfit Not Televised

Karlie Kloss

If you were watching the “Calendar Girls” segment and noticed November was missing, here it is. On the heels of No Doubt’s racially-offensive “Looking Hot” music video, Victoria’s Secret was also called out for their sexy Native American outfit. Personally, I think everyone is too sensitive. The outfit is hot and not meant to offend. If she showed up something Asian-inspired, I wouldn’t at all be offended. It’s fashion people, not politics.

Did you watch last night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? What was your favorite outfit? Who’s your favorite model? Do you think there were too many performances? Sound off below.

  • BGan

    I believe that the “Cinco de Mayo” outfit was supposed to represent a maypole.

    I remember having a maypole at school as a kid…we would have to do this routine with the ribbon that would eventually result in the pole to become woven.

  • @BGan. That makes far more sense. Who knew the VS Fashion Show could be so educational.

  • About the native american outfit; While I do agree a bit that some people are a little too sensitive, I disagree with you here. Both the headdress and turquoise jewellery are extremely sacred items in aboriginal culture. The headdress, for example, is only given to those who have earned it- each feather as I understand representing a different victory. (Not 100% on my facts, but still) What is to be understood here, is that if someone went down that runway in a skimpy-nun-outfit strapped to a giant cross, it would be found to be pretty offensive by many. The same can be applied here. True, not everything should be such tender ground, but there are some things meant to be left alone.

  • Van-Citay

    whoops… thought those two asians were one person… they both look great. My mistake =P

  • EvChemical

    @Tyson, If they were “doing” something offensive, then I’d get it. Really though, they’s using it as part of her ensemble that is glorifying her image as that character. So if anything, the designer was so inspired by that symbol of native culture, that they designed an outfit around it.

    They weren’t making fun of it, they didn’t burn it, it wasn’t being trampled on. No, she may not have “earned” it in their eyes, but its not like their real feathers, its not like she’s wearing it daily. She was playing a character in a fashion show. Get over it.

  • @EvChemical, the question here is not whether or not the designer was “inspired” to create something. Nor was it ever a question of whether or not the outfit was done in a gesture of mocking any particular culture. You’re confusing intent with result. What you may see as glory, others better educated (research, or cultural tradition) on this topic see it as the trivialization and over sexualization of their beliefs and background. The fact that you simply categorize such a blatantly offensive gimmick as nothing more than a character in a fashion show displays ignorance, not acceptance. Get over yourself.

  • Kitten Diotima

    Tyson’s comment “if someone went down that runway in a skimpy-nun-outfit strapped to a giant cross, it would be found…offensive” is right on the money. There is NO WAY that anyone could sexualize Christianity in a similar way, if VS had done a nun outfit, churches across the nation would be calling for a VS boycott. I worked at a school that held a Haunted House once, but because of protests from just a handful of Christians the Principal shut it down. It’s one thing to tell OTHER people to get over their sacred religious icons, it’s quite another for the dominate culture to get over it’s own.

  • DouggSeven

    Technically, one can find cultural flaws and arguments for every outfit up there. Obviously the intent was not to poke fun at any culture but to showcase the beauty of it.

    Here, this may calm you down…