2012 VH1 Divas Live Concert: My 5 Favorite Moments

I have to admit when I first heard what initial acts were headlining this year’s VH1 Divas Live concert, I was a tad underwhelmed. Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Ciara? I rest my case. To be fair, each lady has a respectable recording career, but their names just don’t pop up when I think of the annual VH1 fundraiser. The trio aside, I found myself pleasantly surprised by last night’s show.

The telecast kicked off with a cute clip of Adam Lambert trying to unleash his inner diva. With the help of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes and American Idol’s Paula Abdul, Lambert successfully found it and worked it throughout the concert. Correction, most of the night he did. The Madonna “Ray of Light” homage was a bit of a trainwreck. From the outfit to the sound, it just seemed a little off. Thankfully, his David Bowie “Let’s Dance” and group performance with Kelly Rowland and Keri Hilson rocked.

Another mild disappointment was Kelly Clarkson. While she was vocally pitch perfect as usual, I was a little bummed she didn’t perform a cover. The recently-engaged singer was there to promote her song, “Catch My Breath“, and not pay tribute to dance music. Demi Lovato also just sang from her catalogue. Even Miley Cyrus got in the spirit and performed Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell“. Clarkson could’ve also done a medley like Ciara who paid homage to Michael Jackson before segueing into her own track. Check out my five favorite moments from last night’s show, along with my two least favorite.

2012 Divas Live My Top 5 Performances

Kelly Rowland, Keri Hilson & Adam Lambert – Donna Summer Medley

This was the gayest SLASH best moment of the night. Finally, Donna Summer got her tribute. All year long, it’s been all about Whitney Houston, but Summer definitely deserves her moment in the spotlight as well. The intro with Kelly strutting in with men as her pets was FIERCE. Also in the fabulosity category was Keri Hilson’s solo and Adam Lambert’s fun fur. For once, Kelly got her moment as center diva in a trio- albeit brief before Lambert Beyonce’d her 😉

Jordin Sparks, Melanie Fiona & Ledisi – Whitney Houston Medley

On paper you would think Sparks would’ve ran away with this given she co-starred with Whit on the legend’s last film… but she didn’t. Instead, it was Ledisi who once again proved that she’s one of the most underrated R&B artists of today. Fiona on her part also worked it out, especially during the “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay” portion.

Metric – “Heart of Glass”

I have to say, the Canadian indie group wowed me with their cover of this Blondie classic track. Emily Haines even looked a bit like Debbie Harry at moments.

Ciara – “Billie Jean” & “Got Me Good”

Thought Ciara’s dance homage to Michael Jackson was fantastic. That girl embodied the “Billie Jean” singer to perfection. Girlfriend can pop, lock and crunk with the best of them.

Natasha Bedingfield, Iggy Azalea & Bootsy Collins – “Groove Is In The Heart”

Bedingfield looked like she just stepped out of bed, but she killed during this funky interpretation of Deee-Lite’s classic 90s dance track. Aussie Iggy Azalea also impressed with her rapping skills.

2012 Divas Live My Least 2 Favorite Performances

Adam Lambert – “Ray of Light”

What the eff was he wearing? He looked like a walking hieroglyphic decoder. His ensemble was the least of his worries. I expected far more from Lambert on a Madonna track.

Miley Cyrus – “Rebel Yell”

Yes Miley, we get it. You’re a tough ass chick. I wonder how much longer she’s going to be in her rebellious phase. I’m over it.

Did you watch last night’s Divas Live? If so, what was your favorite performance? Who was the biggest disappointment? How did the show compare to previous years? Sound off below.

  • Gabriel

    I didn’t get the addition of Pitbull…In fact whomever decided that it would be a great idea to allow him to close the show solo should be fired. This year was a joke compared to year’s past.

  • justin

    i liked adam lambert as a host but pitbull closing was kind of a letdown. they should have all the divas just singing out to a madonna song and just have a sing off like the past divas live show. im suprised kylie minogue was not featured either or britney, christina, and even janet jackson.

  • Homegirl No5

    What is going on with Adam Lambert’s face

  • Paula Adams

    My fav performance of the night was Ray of Light! Adam Lambert always surprises me and takes risk! The arrangement had so much energy and Lambert’s powerhouse vocals were superb. The outfit he wore was perfect for the Madonnas song. Biggest let down of the night was Ptibull! WHat were they thinking!

  • AlaskanWoman

    I agree with everyone … Pitbull??? Adam should have closed the nite … he was the Host. Even a closure with all of the Divas would have been better. Don’t understand … does anybody? The sound on my TV must be off, because I had a hard time hearing the singers as the musicians were louder than the singers. I didn’t get amplified singing voices, which is why I watched and taped the show. I want to hear the voices in FRONT of the band not behind. Just my thought. When do we get to have JUST an Adam concert set up HIS way??? His productions are so much better.

  • RedRoseQueen1

    Adam Lambert STOLE the show! What a great and self-deprecating “Diva” he is too! Great skits.
    I didn’t get the whole Pitbull closing idea either…made no sense. But the audience had a lot of fun the whole night so they were doing something right.
    And yes, initially there were technical sound issues with Ray of Light but he quickly overcame that and killed it!
    Oh, and Paula Adams? “What is going on with Adam Lambert’s face”? It’s called FACIAL HAIR. He IS a MAN you know. I think it looks FIERCE!