2012 Sports Stud Showdown: Round 1

It’s that time of year again when I compile all of the Sport Stud I featured throughout the year and pit them all against each other to compete for the title of Homorazzi’s 2012 Sport Stud. Last year’s winner was the sexy rugby hottie, Daniel Conn. As you probably already know, Donovan has also rolled out a year end competition for his weekly Model Behavior and Man Crush features as well.

As you may recall, the Sports Stud year-end competition will be divided into three rounds. Read below to see the voting dates for each round, and how the final round will be determined with the ultimate winner crowned. If need (or want) more pictures of each stud to better make your decision, click on their name to check out their original feature with plenty of pics to wet your appetite. Let the games begin!

Sports Stud Showdown Dates:
The Top 2 from each round automatically advance to the finals. Four wildcard spots will be given to the athletes who garnered the four highest vote totals from all rounds tabulated (winners excluded).

  • Round 1: Dec 15-21, 2012 (results announced Dec 22)
  • Round 2: Dec 22-28, 2012 (results announced Dec 29)
  • Round 3: Dec 29-Jan 4, 2012 (results announced Jan 5)
  • Finals: Jan 5-11, 2013 (Final Results announced Jan 12, 2013)

Lance Parker

Original Feature: Jan 7, 2012
Sport: Soccer
Why I Chose Him: I had to kick off 2012 with someone delicious, and this soccer player fit the bill perfectly with his super sexy pictures.

Blake Griffin

Original Feature: Jan 14, 2012
Sport: Basketball
Why I Chose Him: He had recently been featured in ESPN’s Bodies We Want issue and was also on the cover of January’s Men’s Health issue.

Brendon Ayanbadejo

Original Feature: Jan 21, 2012
Sport: Football
Why I Chose Him: Not only is he super sexy, but he’s shown a lot of support for gay marriage and even stated that his biggest accomplishments were, “marriage equality support and playing in a Superbowl.”

Steve Weatherford

Original Feature: Jan 28, 2012
Sport: Football
Why I Chose Him: The Superbowl was coming up and given his good looks, amazing body, and incredible flexibility, I thought he was the perfect choice.

J.P. Calderon

Original Feature: Feb 4, 2012
Sport: Volleyball
Why I Chose Him: He’s incredibly hot, openly gay, and was a contestant on Survivor in 2006. I don’t think I need any more reasons to feature him – haha.

Seb Stegmann

Original Feature: Feb 11, 2012
Sport: Rugby
Why I Chose Him: He was featured in the 2012 Rugby’s Finest Calendar for the month of February, so it only made sense to highlight this hottie during that month.

Yuri van Gelder

Original Feature: Feb 18, 2012
Sport: Gymnastics
Why I Chose Him: I had actually taken a break from the Sports Stud feature this week and /category/blogs/tyrell/ decided to write about someone hot from gymnastics, in preparation for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Christopher Mears

Original Feature: Feb 25, 2012
Sport: Diving
Why I Chose Him: He’s a sexy diver and he knows it 😉 A few weeks prior to writing this, he had been featured in a viral video with Tom Daley in their speedos dancing to “I’m Sexy And I Know It” by LMFAO.

Michael Osborne

Original Feature: Mar 3, 2012
Sport: Football
Why I Chose Him: I stumbled up on his behind the scenes video from when he did the Gods Of Football shoot – wowza!

Yohan Cabaye

Original Feature: Mar 10, 2012
Sport: Soccer
Why I Chose Him: The handsome Frenchie and his team were preparing to compete in their first game at Euro 2012 and since his player number is 4 (which is my lucky number), I thought he’d be a great choice.

Joey Ryan

Original Feature: Mar 17, 2012
Sport: Wrestling
Why I Chose Him: I hadn’t featured many wrestler/performers that I could recall and he had some “woof-worthy” pictures that sealed the deal.

Eden Hazard

Original Feature: Mar 24, 2012
Sport: Soccer
Why I Chose Him: Not only did he stand out in terms of hotness, but I saw that he was ranked number 4 in the Top 30 Most Valuable Young Players In Football.

Stuart Reardon

Original Feature: Mar 31, 2012
Sport: Rugby
Why I Chose Him: He’s super beefy and I love his tattoos!

Nathan Adrian

Original Feature: Apr 7, 2012
Sport: Swimming
Why I Chose Him: I thought he’d be a great athlete to write about in preparation for the Olympics… plus the fact that there are photos of his swim suit ripping from behind was an added bonus.

Arnaud Clément

Original Feature: Apr 14, 2012
Sport: Tennis
Why I Chose Him: He’s apparently a bit of a gay icon in France, given his rugged and sexy good looks. I also hadn’t featured a tennis player in quite a while either.

2012 Sports Stud Showdown Round 1: Who Were My Sexiest Sports Studs?

  • Lance Parker (622 Votes)
  • J.P. Calderon (453 Votes)
  • Eden Hazard (358 Votes)
  • Christopher Mears (302 Votes)
  • Nathan Adrian (293 Votes)
  • Stuart Reardon (249 Votes)
  • Blake Griffin (193 Votes)
  • Michael Osborne (110 Votes)
  • Arnaud Clement (106 Votes)
  • Seb Stegmann (88 Votes)
  • Joey Ryan (79 Votes)
  • Brendon Ayanbadejo (73 Votes)
  • Yohan Cabaye (61 Votes)
  • Steve Weatherford (54 Votes)
  • Yuri van Gelder (26 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,801

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