2012 Oscars: My 5 Least Favorite Dresses

Now that you’ve read my 10 Best Dressed picks, check out the five ladies who would’ve been served better with a different stylist. None of them are completely heinous, but I had to pick five that I didn’t like and these quintet are the unlucky five.

As I mentioned in my “Best Dressed” post, out of all of the posts I personally write, the closest thing I ever get to people yelling at me is my Award fashion posts. Perhaps the following five choices will continue that trend.

Check out who I thought looked like a lampshade and whose polka-dots were polka-NOTS in my opinion. Hope you enjoy my fashion highlights below.

Nancy O’Dell

The ET reporter looked like a lampshade you’d see in a bordello in this yellow canary frock.

Shailene Woodley

Poor girl. She hasn’t hit a winning number all award season long. Shailene looked like a nun in this white long-sleeved Valentino couture gown.

Sandra Bullock

Love Sandy, but why did she all of a sudden dress like she was in her 60s. Not a fan of this black and white Marchesa gown.

Meryl Streep

Apparently, the uglier you dress the better your chances at winning the Oscar. This long-sleeved Oscar-gold gown by Lanvin wouldn’t have looked good on anyone.

Natalie Portman

Dress isn’t heinous, but considering she was preggers last year, you’d think Natalie would’ve va-va-voomed it at the Academy Awards. The red polka dot vintage Dior gown is cute, just not for the Oscars.

2012 Oscars: Who Was The Worst Dressed?

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  • keith

    you have bad taste. Sandra Bullock was one of the best dressed women at the awards, and the other four are all pretty good.

  • Mike

    I agree with them all accept for NP’s; Loved that dress on her. And many of people I know thought Sandra’s dress was sensational. I thought it was just as bad as her plastic surgery.

  • maximreed

    sandra’s dress is ugly as hell! she’s a terrible actress and she can’t even pick a dress properly? i mean she should just go in hiding. booooh! 🙂

  • Zlatan’s Girl

    Agreed on everyone else’s dress except for Portman.

    It wasn’t the va va voom-est gown in the rack, which is appropriate to wear because the spotlight wasn’t supposed to be on her this year. With that in mind I think she made the right call with that cute little vintage dress.

    JLo dress tho. I can’t believe I’m saying this to a Zuhair Murad dress but damn it looked tacky

  • rogelio

    natalie is the closer to perfection you can get in hollywood. Not only she is a terrific actress, a studied woman, she also is classy. She knew the spotlight wasn’t on her, she didn’t even was in a movie for 2011, she kept herself looking pretty but nothing more.

  • Matt

    Don’t forget Jennifer Lopez…….her dress was nasty!!