54th Annual Grammy Awards: And The Winners Are…

Last night, the 54th Annual Grammy Awards took over the Staples Centre in downtown Los Angeles for a true celebration of the past year’s greatest music. With a night full of performances and unlikely collaborations, it was hard for them to fit in all the awards. Thankfully, they handed out a majority of them prior to the show only leaving ten for the actual live show.

The evening was kicked started by a performance from Bruce Springstein who proved he was still The Boss. Afterwards, the evening’s host, LL Cool J took the stage to warm the crowd. He immediately addressed the dark cloud hanging over the awards ceremony tonight – the death of Whitney Houston. LL lead the Staples Centre in a quick prayer for the fallen icon and her family before getting the show underway.

Right away, the evening’s second performer Bruno Mars brought the energy back to the arena with his amazing performance of “Runaway” – one of my favorite songs from his album. Paying some serious homage to James Brown and other motown soul artists, Bruno brought the party and had the entire crowd on their feet. Read more Grammy highlights, watch my favorite performances and find out who won the night’s big awards below.

As I mentioned, Bruno Mars killed his performance of “Runaway” so check it out below. He’s stage presence is absolutely amazing!

Katy Perry also debuted a new song on the Grammy stage titled “Part of Me“. Heading back to her more rock/pop, she rocked out the stage in a Jem and the Hologram-like ensemble. I really liked the performance and of course, the song. Check it out below.

My overall favorite performance of the night had to be the Beach Boys tribute which included Maroon 5 and Foster The People. The melody of tracks had the crowd bopping and singing along especially during the final song, “Good Vibrations“.

I can’t complete the performances without mentioning Nicki Minaj’s performance of her new song “Roman’s Holiday“. The performance was themed around the Catholic church and will definitely have people talking around the water cooler tomorrow. Also, if you caught any of the Grammy Red Carpet, her performance finally made her red carpet costume make sense. Check out her performance and new song below.

I also can’t forget to say how tear jerking and wonderful Jennifer Hudson’s performance of “I Will Always Love You” paying tribute to Whitney Houston was.

And of course, we can’t forget about the night’s big winners. Adele definitely owned the night with her song “Rolling In the Deep” and album, 21. Not to mention, her comeback performance had the crowd on their feet. See the night’s winner’s circle below:

  • Best Pop Solo Performance:
    Adele, “Someone Like You
  • Best Rap Performance:
    Jay-Z & Kanye West, “Otis
  • Best Rock Performance:
    The Foo Fighters, “Walk
  • Best R&B Album:
    Chris Brown, “F.A.M.E.
  • Song of the Year:
    Rolling In The Deep“, Adele & Paul Epworth
  • Best Country Album:
    Lady Antebellum, “We Own The Night
  • Best New Artist:
    Bon Iver
  • Record of the Year:
    Adele, “Rolling In The Deep
  • Album of the Year:
    Adele, “21

For all the evening’s winners and more, check out GRAMMY.com.

  • ADAM

    it sickens me that the Grammys allowed that women beater to perform twice ! he should be in jail and banned for what he did he Rhianna . but hence it is hollyweird were child molsters , drug addicts and women beaters roam free and are awarded for their actions !

  • Aaron

    I agree with Adam. I’m stunned that he is more successful now then he was when he beat the shit out of Rihanna 3 years ago.

  • In my opinion, Chris Brown is not even a real singer. He dances pretty well but the Grammys are in celebration of SINGERS not backup dancers who repeat the same line over and over to a techno dance beat. And to have him perform twice is just crazy. He is not that damn talented and he does not deserve the extra attention.

  • Josh

    Wtf is wrong with society when woman beating homophobes are put up on a pedestal and given shiny gold trophies? Everyone associated with the Grammys should be ashamed, including all the artists who should have boycotted but didn’t.

  • Ryan Delepierre

    Katy Perry really surprised me…before tonight I think I must have caught only her weaker live performances. If she was lip syncing the vocals were convincingly real, but regardless she had a ton of energy generated by an awesome song.

  • Henry Perry

    like, seriously ppl need to get over what chris brown did…that was 3 years ago, clearly rihanna is over it they were in the same building together…everyone needs to stop judging bc everyone does and will continue to make mistakes…chris is very talented his recent album was a smash hit…i for one dont condone violence in a relationship…but sometimes it happens…u cant punish ppl forever

  • Callum

    I can’t believe they call rap music. All it is it talking to a beat. NO TALENT.