Not only did American Idol dominate Nielsen ratings for several years, but it also raked in the most revenue with their ad rates. Last year, the FOX reality show narrowly lost the crown to NBC’s Sunday Night Football when it came to asking prices for 30-second spot commercials. This year, the gap between the two shows has increased, and not in American Idol’s favor. According to Ad Age’s annual survey, American Idol’s Wednesday night rates have dropped to $340,825 from last year’s $502,900. Meanwhile, Sunday Night Football rose about $33,000 to $545,142 for each spot.

The biggest surprise in this year’s Top 10 Highest-Priced programs is the strong showing by comedies. Modern Family, New Girl, Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls and Two and a Half Men all broke into the Top 10. Shocked that Zooey Deschanel’s sitcom is among that group? While the New Girl doesn’t have the same overall viewers as its competitors, its concentration of young viewers is extremely high. As we all know, that demographic is very appealing to advertisers.

Surprisingly, NBC’s The Voice didn’t make the cut. That said, it does generate a hefty sum of cash for each 30-second commercial, $239,866 and $225,337 for Monday and Tuesday night repsectively. Amongst all the new shows, FOX’s midseason series The Following reigns supreme with $194,425.

Top 10 Highest-Priced Programs (2012-2013)

  • 1. Sunday Night Football – $545,142 – (NBC)
  • 2. American Idol Wednesday – $340,825 – (FOX)
  • 3. Modern Family – $330,908 – (ABC)
  • 4. New Girl – $320,940 – (FOX)
  • 5. American Idol Thursday – $296,062 – (FOX)
  • 6. The Simpsons – $286,131 – (FOX)
  • 7. Family Guy – $276,690 – (FOX)
  • 8. Big Bang Theory – $275,573 – (CBS)
  • 9. 2 Broke Girls – $269,235 – (CBS)
  • 10. Two & Half Men – $247,261 – (CBS)

Most & Least Expensive Shows Per Night

Sunday Night Football ($545,142 best), America’s Funniest Home Videos ($69,690 worst)

2 Broke Girls ($269,235 best), Gossip Girl ($37,902 worst)

New Girl ($320,940 best), Heart of Dixie ($41,099 worst)

American Idol ($340,825 best), Supernatural ($35,123 worst)

American Idol ($296,062 best), Beauty & The Beast ($40,699 worst)

Touch ($97,182 best), Nikita ($23,387 worst)

FOX Sports Saturday ($115,101 best), NBC Repeats [8-9pm] ($13,830 worst)

For a complete list of what each show during the 2012-2013 television is raking in, click here. For all you statistic nerds, you’ll be in heaven with all the info.