Victoria’s Secret 2011 Fashion Show: My 15 Favorite Outfits

For some, Thanksgiving signals the beginning of the Holiday season, while others begin their fa la la’ing on December 1st. Not me. Nothing revs up my engine for the festive season like the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This is how I like to ring in the holidays. Yuppers, I’m that kind of gay. You would be too, if you watched the yearly specials.

Everything you’ve come to expect from the annual extravaganza was on hand. From campy themes, sexy women, high-wattage musical performances and Swarovski crystals by the crate, all were in order to stage an unforgettable show. This year’s production held at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City cost a reported $12 million to stage. YOWZA, that’s a lot of panties and bras. What’s the markup on Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie? Papa needs to look into if they sell franchises.

Victoria’s Secret Angels Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Erin Heatherton, Lily Aldridge, Lindsay Ellingson, Candice Swanepoel and Chanel Iman along with a bevy of other beauties showed off their toned bodies in six creatively themed segments. Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z and Kanye West provided stand out performances for the girls to strut to. That being said, I much prefer it when the girls sashay down to custom mashups instead of the live music. It should be all about the models and outfits, instead of the musical acts. They have enough televised opportunities to show of their vocal abilities.

2011 VS Theme Segments & Song List

  • Ballet: Brave (Leona Lewis) and Make Me Wanna Die (The Pretty Reckless) provided the soundtrack for the Black Swan-inspired segment. Most of the models wore ribbon laced stilettos. Super sexy.
  • Super Angels: Kanye West performed “Stronger” during the comic book themed portion. Bubble wings and grand fabric capes adorned the Angels.
  • Passion: Rihanna’s “California King Bed” put the Angels in the sensual mood. Spanish bullfighter-inspired ensembles were shown during this part.
  • Angels Aquatic: Maroon 5 sang their huge hit, “Moves Like Jagger” for the underwater theme. All the Angels looked like beautiful walking mermaids. Ariel would be jealous.
  • I Put A Spell On You: OneRepublic’s “Secrets” played in the background during this vampy deep South themed segment.
  • Club Pink: Nicki Minaj playfully sang “Super Bass” to the models as they strutted their stuff for Victoria’s Secret’s PINK division

Other Highlights From The Show

  • Celebrities like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Joe Manganiello and Alex Pettyfer were shown enjoying the show.
  • Kanye West began his performance by acknowledging he was scheduled to perform “Stronger” a few years back but had to skip the show due to his mother’s untimely death. He now called her his Super Angel. Fittingly enough, he serenaded the models during the superhero portion.
  • Loved all the “get to know the Angels” clips. So glad they ditched that lame search for the next angel segment from the last couple of years.
  • Speaking of which. Glad one of the new models this year was Karlie Kloss. An up-and-comer on the brink of supermodel-dom walked the show for the first time and received a pair of wings.
  • Last year, the show hired it’s first ever Asian model for the show. This year, in between all the blonds a decent showing of diversity prevailed. Two of the featured Victoria Angels were visible minorities- Chanel Iman and Lais Ribeiro. Bravo VS.

My 15 Favorite Outfits From Victoria’s Secret 2011 Show

Bregje Heinen

She’s like a sexy matador meets gladiator concoction. I predict Bregje will be a featured Angel in the next couple of years. She’s the definition of drop dead gorgeous.

Anne Vyalitsyna

Anne adorably walked down the runway holding her boyfriend’s hand, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. He even took a short break during his performance of “Move Like Jagger” to give her a peck on the cheek at the end of the catwalk.

Karlie Kloss

Karlie has quickly become one of my favorite upcoming female models. She first popped up on my radar a year ago after seeing a segment for Fashion Television. The ombre effect seen on the shoes is breathtaking.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Ambrosio has been a model girl crush of mine for years. The first time I saw her on the show five years, she won me over. This girl is too gorgeous for her own good. She’s by far my favorite Angel. It’s only fitting she wore one of the most expensive wings of the night. Love the Spanish fan inspiration.

Izabel Goulart

Izabel looks like a superhero butterfly in this getup. She’s ready to fight crime in style. Why she was dropped as a featured Victoria Angel a couple years ago is beyond me.

Chanel Iman

Not my favorite outfit, but I love Chanel so much I needed to include her somewhere on this list. The neon wings was a brillball idea from the designers. Is it wrong I want a pair?

Adriana Lima

Adriana stated this was one of her favorite VS outfits of all-time. Can’t disagree with her. She’s like a sexy raven ready to swoop down on her prey.

Karlie Kloss

My girl Karlie looks like a walking Absolut Vodka Disco bottle. That’s a complement just in case you were wondering. Where’s my walking Red Bull supermodel to go with Karlie? I do love me my vodka/red bull drinks.

Erin Heatherton

When I first saw this picture of Erin a few weeks back, I was curious what the wings were made of. At first glance, they looked like ice but I knew that would be impossible to survive during those hot lights.

Adriana Lima

That cape Adriana is wearing is to die for. If I was a straight guy and my girlfriend wore this, I would jizz on the spot. So effing hot.

Shannan Click

Surprise, surprise, it’s another superhero outfit. Shannan is killing it here. FIERCE.

Toni Garrn

It’s simple in it’s concept, but Toni’s wings were one of the prettiest of the night.

Candice Swanepoel

During the show, the designer revealed this handmade fabric was one of the most expensive on the show. It truly is gorgeous from the rear view.

Jessica Clarke

The ballet segment at the beginning of the show had so much potential, but sadly the outfits were a bit lackluster. This was one of the few I liked. Jessica looks like Little Red Riding Swan.

Toni Garnn

Toni looking like a sexy Barbie can-can girl. Perhaps MGA Entertainment should copy this and brand it for their slutty Bratz dolls.

2011 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra

This year, Miranda Kerr received the honors of wearing the brand’s 2011 Fantasy Bra. The $2.5 million diamond-studded bra was designed exclusively by London Jewelers. How adorable was it that every time Kerr walked out, her husband Orlando Bloom stood up and supported his gal? Too cute for words. Click here to check out the Fantasy Bras from previous years.

2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Videos

I’ve also embeded two videos for your viewing enjoyment. The first was a promo CBS filmed where the Angels lip sync to Maroon 5’s “Move Like Jagger”. See who lip syncs for their life the best. The second video is a montage filmed by FashionTV. If you didn’t watch the CBS special, it’s a great short clip to show what you missed.

FashionTV Coverage of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Did you watch the show? What were your favorite moments? Which segment, outfit, model stood out to you? Post all your thoughts below.

  • Aqua

    Aaaaaa… all these Sexy Ladies yum yum yum …

    In the second photo of Anne Vyalitsyna, it looks like she is packing some secret in those panties.. it looked bulged ..doesnt it …lol

    Totally HAWT … thx

  • Dan

    You know I love me some Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show as well, I just felt like this year was more about the production and less about the amazing designs.

    The last few years were a LOT more creative, but I’ll give it to both Adam Levine and Orlando Bloom for landing themselves a angel!!

  • anb

    OMG… could u misplaced Bregje Heinen as Jessica Clarke?!!!…………They look so different!