2011 Sports Stud Showdown: The Winner Is…

After another year of weekly Sports Stud features concluding with a month long battle for the top spot honor, a winner has clearly been decided. Our other two hottie showdowns have already been decided, with Jonathan D. Lovitz winning the Man Crush Showdown, and River Viiperi winning the Model Behavior Showdown. Although this is the first Sports Stud Showdown I’ve done, in the Winter of 2010, I did have the Olympic Hottie of the Day Showdown, with sexy Canadian Curling Champion, John Morris coming out on top.

The Top 3 guys are made up of two rugby players and one gymnast. Two of them were each finalists in their respective rounds, while one of them was a wild card, so it’s definitely interesting to see how it all wrapped up. Without further delay, let’s see which of the Sports Stud finalists made the podium.

3rd Place – Bronze

I’m definitely glad to see that Leyva was a finalist. With so many hot shirtless rugby players out there, I felt like they’d certainly end up dominating the finals, but Leyva definitely stood out simply doing his thing. Hopefully we get to see him in the Summer Olympics this year!

Danell Leyva

Original Feature: Oct 29, 2011
Sport: Gymnastics
Why I Chose Him: Another hot male gymnast with some pretty sexy pictures. Woof!

2nd Place – Silver

O’Donnell was actually one of four wild cards, making the finals due to the number of votes cast for them in their respective original rounds. He’s certainly one hot, beefy athlete which allowed him to stand out amongst some of the others.

Luke O’Donnell

Original Feature: Apr 30, 2011
Sport: Rugby
Why I Chose Him: Why wouldn’t I choose this beefy man from down under. Doesn’t he make you want to go down under… and in no way do I mean by boarding a plane 😉

1st Place – Gold

Last but not least, the 2011 Sports Stud is none other than rugby hottie, Daniel Conn. I had actually written about him in January of 2011, so it’s interesting to see that the others were no match for him. He’s taken part in some super hot photoshoots that certainly put him over the top and prove that he is deserving of the title.

Daniel Conn

Original Feature: Jan 29, 2011
Sport: Rugby
Why I Chose Him: Um, I don’t think you need to ask that question. Just look at him! All of his pictures were extremely hot. His photo shoots seem to have a very small clothing budget if you know what I mean 😉

2011 Sports Stud Showdown Results

2011 Sports Stud Showdown Finals: Who's The Hottest Stud of 2011? (check all the apply)

  • Daniel Conn (1,382 Votes)
  • Luke O’Donnell (1,009 Votes)
  • Danell Leyva (601 Votes)
  • Sean Lamont (568 Votes)
  • Kayne Lawton (458 Votes)
  • Dom Waldouck (376 Votes)
  • Björn Barrefors (358 Votes)
  • Grady Sizemore (248 Votes)
  • Neil Etheridge (225 Votes)
  • Rati Tsiteladze (63 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,095

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