2011 People’s Choice Awards 5 Best & 5 Worst Dressed

The first awards show of new year has come and gone. While “Twilight” dominated the movie awards, “House” the television ones and Eminem, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry sharing the bounty on the music side, the biggest question is… who ruled the red carpet? Let’s face it, you won’t remember a winner of a PCA, but you’ll most certainly remember a fashion disaster or impeccably put together outfit.

The People’s Choice Awards aren’t really the crème de la crème of awards shows, but merely serve as a platform to plug upcoming projects. Having said that, that Waterford Crystal award is beautiful and me likey and me want one.

Since the show is just a fancy warm-up for more important upcoming award shows, you won’t see a lot of fashion risks. They’re saving all the big guns for the Golden Globes, Oscar and Grammys. Instead, expect to see a lot of safe gowns and dozens of cocktail dresses on the PCA’s sapphire blue carpet. Check out the five nominees I’ve picked for best dressed and worst dressed at this year’s awards below. Don’t forget to cast your votes.



What she wore: Irina Shabayeva butterfly dress with Polki Allure Hoops by Isharya.

Rumored Justin Bieber girlfriend, Selena showed up solo and turned it out in this stunning print gown. It’s so much better than that ruffled pink pseudo-asymmetrical dress she wore before her performance. I love the fact she chose a gown from Season 6 Project Runway winner, Irina Shabayeva.


What she wore: Vivienne Westwood dress

Absolutely gorgeous. I can see why Esquire named Minka Kelly the “Sexiest Woman Alive” for 2010. Minka is perfection from head to toe. She stars in an upcoming thriller where Leighton Meester goes all single white female on her ass. Who can blame her? Speaking of which, don’t they look like each other’s doppelganger.


What she wore: Dior ruffled dress, Brian Atwood shoes, Miu Miu clutch

It’s a simple black dress, but it looks great on her. Love that the ruffle details makes it more youthful and age appropriate for the young starlet. If she keeps this up, she can give auntie Julia a run for her “Pretty Woman” money.


What she wore: J Mendel strapless cocktail dress with Brian Atwood Zenith pumps.

Just like in “Black Swan”, Mila danced circles around the other ladies. She’s every bit a sex symbol in this strapless number. If I did a Girl Weekly Crush series, she would be one of my first selections.


What she wore: J Mendel dress accessorized with Neil Lane jewelry and Prada shoes.

Recently single, Taylor Swift proves, looking gorgeous is the sweetest revenge. Eat your heart out Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s Grecian goddess with a teen prom twist. Normally that would be a bad thing, but not in this case.

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What she wore: Black ruffled jacket with Christian Louboutin boots

Oh honey no. Tsk, tsk, tsk. This is so not Raven. She looks like she’s ready to fight crime or fly off and transform into a crow. I will say though, her pony tail and Louboutin boots are FIE-RCE. Work it out girl.


What she wore: Falguni & Shane feather dress.

Umm, this Nikita star needs to assassinate her stylist. Not only is this peacock feather dress, a huge disastah, but Fergie already wore it to the AMAs a couple of months ago. I didn’t like then, and I don’t like it now. Better luck next time, Tiffany.


What she wore: Teal sheath from 90210 wardrobe closet.

I know the 50s are really in these days, but this teal sheath makes the sexy 90210 star look so matronly. The entire look has aged AnnaLynne by at least 20 years. In a town, obsessed with youth, this was a bad choice. Unless she’s trying to score a part on “Mad Men”.


What she wore: Nicole Miller dress

I just don’t get why this chick is famous. Sure iCarly is a Nickelodeon hit, but compared to her teenage compatriots like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, Miranda is booooooooooooooring. She’s so blah, she makes this blinged out dress look dull. Cosgrove needs to Miley it up a bit if she plans on working after iCarly signs off forever.


What she wore: Betsey Johnson dress.

I knew it was too good to last forever. She wowed me during the AMAs, but Katy has reverted back to her kitschy look. Aren’t pop stars suppose to be reinventing themselves all the time. It’s a pretty dress… maybe for iCarly but not for a recently married woman. So not age appropriate.

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What she wore: Alexander McQueen strapless, Louboutin pumps and Judith Leiber clutch.

I kinda like this look. Sure it’s sorta shapeless and makes Khloe look bigger than she is, but I commend this Kardashian sister for not wearing something super tight and super short. That’s right Kim and Kourtney, you guys looked like hookers. I’m also loving the new red locks on Khloe. It’s these kind of risks that make Khloe my favorite only Kardashian I like.


What she wore: Vionnet dress

It’s not what I would’ve picked, but I applaud the “Gossip Girl” for picking an unconventional dress. It sorta Upper East Side meets “Country Strong” meets Forever 21. This dress just proves that Leighton can wear anything and still look gorgeous. I love me some Leighton.

  • Nic

    LOVE the leighton dress!

  • maggy

    what your problem, dude ? you think Miranda doesn’t a diva ? you’re a big shit !! she’s perfect , very perfect ! You’re crazy ? i think yeah !

  • Amanda F.


  • Gabrielly

    Miranda does not have to be like anyone, Miranda is a diva, and much better than Miley, Miranda has personality and is perfect.

  • gad1n10

    That ‘thing’ Emma Roberts is wearing gets a Best, while Raven-Symone gets a Worst????? I bet if she was ‘whipping her hair’ you’d be all over it.
    As for Taylor Swift… does she ever wear anything with ‘style’? Sure isn’t anything for Jake to be ‘eating his heart out’ over. She’ll dish him in a song just like she does everyone else.
    Katy Perry… I think I have that exact ‘Barbie’ in my collection 😉
    Miranda… OMG! Next time wear something that will save us from the view of those knees!

  • luisza sophya krossoer

    gad1n10 you’re an idiot! nobody does reviews of miranda
    Miranda has style know why because she does not imitate other things like selena!
    but you know all these criticisms of her and other people who write this shit here is the problem of you
    Envy of our Miranda how jealous!
    fouls are going to pick and something in the … leaves are going to marry her service than do not need to criticize what IDIOTS

  • DAMN

    Damn Homorazzi…..I read that shit right or you guys talked bad of miranda cosgrove, she has personality different of you, it’s time to look at yourself before you criticize people, miranda is perfect and I love iCarly,If she want she can be a star, but she already a star, and tell me how you guys are successful, you just speak bad things from the people, they are just people, they make things wrong, like me and you, stop with that please, they are just people, like you and me

  • Landon

    I think miranda is adorable and looked awesome! and whoever thought that leighton meester was up here, it was minka kelly – they look like twins!

  • katelyn shay

    I think the dress Miranda Cosgrove looks beautiful and there is not an accessory that is outside all combining this!

  • katelyn shay

    Miranda’s dress is amazing:)


    go fuck yourself maggy.