Now it’s time for the fun to begin. Mocking and teasing those who didn’t fare as lucky as those who made my “Top 10 Best Dressed” list now have their turn in the spotlight. Unfortunately for them, it’s for their less-than-stellar fashion choices that make them stand out. Before I begin, I’m fully aware that fashion, like most creative things, is highly subjective. One man’s art is another man’s trash. In this case, the trash comes in the form of designer gowns. Some of my choices made a few Best Dressed lists, but obviously those writers were on crack. LOL. Check out my biggest offenders from the 2011 Emmys below and see if you agree.

Heidi Klum

Heidi is lucky she didn’t wear this in front of her fellow “Project Runway” judges. Both Michael Kors and Nina Garcia would not approve. Seriously, had this popped up on the show, it definitely would’ve landed in the bottom three. Here’s the kicker. Season 4 winner Christian Siriano designed the dress. He should know better.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Wearing a midriff top to a black tie event is never a good idea. Gwyenth Paltrow’s daring Pucci outfit would’ve served better on a different red carpet event. Like the “Burlesque” movie premiere.

Claire Danes

Three words. Smurf disco ball. That’s what Claire Danes looks like in this Oscar de la Renta dress that you’d find at Off 5th– Saks Fifth discount store at your neighborhood outlet mall. That being said, I want a pair of pants made in this fabric for an upcoming 70s-themed costume party.

Julianna Marguiles

At first glance, it doesn’t look half bad. Then you realize she looks like a bedazzled lamp shade. Making matters worse, poor Julianna could barely walk in this stiff Armani Prive dress.

Jayma Mays

Jayma is the first of three “Glee” offenders on this list. It’s like the cast all made a collective decision to pick gowns that reflected their sub-par sophomore season. Hopefully Season 3 will be better. Jayma looks like she’s going to some Chinese girl’s Sweet 16 party. Definitely not pretty in pink.

Paz de la Huerta

This “Boardwalk Empire” actress looks like she’s better suited walking another boardwalk- one where hookers work from. Girlfriend looked beyond disheveled. Hopefully this tragic manipulation of fabric wasn’t designed by Zac Posen. The two attended Saint Ann’s School together in NYC. Don’t even get me started on her makeup choices.

Eva La Rue

Eva is a stunningly beautiful woman and thought this for years. This schizophrenic dress doesn’t know what it wants to be. It’s trying to be sexy and dowdy at the same time. It’s like Eva wanted to go as a belly dancer but felt uncomfortable showing skin so she underlined it with this heinous peach fabric.

Phoebe Price

She looks like a peacock prostitute going to the royal wedding. Price is known for her wack-tastic fashion choices, and this certainly lives to up to her track record. Let me see your peacock, cock, cock.

Heather Morris

I love me some Heather Morris and it pains me to put her on this list. Sometimes too many ruffles can be a bad thing. The way some of the ruffles fall on the bottom of this Masai Payan dress are magnificent, but there’s just too many of them. It could’ve done without the ruffling detail on the bodice. Whoever styled her with that stiff hairdo and single earring should be shot.

Lea Michele

Normally a winner on the red carpet, Lea Michele hit a rare bum note this time around. While the front of this Marchesa dress seems fine, the back is not flattering. She looks like a human trellis with that floral looking shoulder detailing. I expect more from Michele and hold her to a higher standard.

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Agree with my choices? If not, I’d love to hear which ones you disagree with. Post all your comments below.