Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay in posting the FINAL results for the 2010 Man Crush Showdown. Thanks for all your patience. As you all know, the voting was supposed to end at Monday January 3rd 9am PST, but due to technical difficulties it remained opened for another 2 hours, when it was manually shut down around 11am PST.

To keep the integrity of the poll, I wanted to deduct the votes cast after the predetermined time. After a couple of days, I feel confident in disclosing the final numbers. The finals brought in record voting numbers. With over 140,000 votes cast, the Man Crush that stood over all the rest is…. drum roll please… Scott Herman. With almost 50% of the votes, his fans propelled the fitness model and former Real World’r atop the rest. CONGRATULATIONS SCOTT HERMAN.

I’ve also read all the comments and wanted to address a few of the concerns. While there were complaints about vote rigging, I can confirm no conspiracy was in place to ensure any of the contestants would win. There were no stipulations on how frequent and often voters could cast their choices. As a result, hardcore fans for Matt Lanter and Scott Herman voted for their respective men frequently. In the end, looks like Scott Herman and his fans were most passionate about winning the 2010 poll. If I had my way, Joe Manganiello, Marlon Teixeira or Evan Wadle would’ve won the 2010 title.

Thank you all for participating and making last year’s showdown a heated and exciting competition. You all blew my expectations away. Can’t wait to see what 2011 brings. My Weekly Man Crushes will resume this week on Thursday and hope you continue to enjoy my selections.

Here are the final numbers taking into account all the votes placed after 9AM PST on Monday:

Scott Herman (51%, 73,129 Votes)
Matt Lanter (34%, 49,264 Votes)
Henry Cavill (8%, 12,321 Votes)
James Preston (3%, 4,549 Votes)
Maxwell Zagorski (1%, 1,841 Votes)
Charlie Williams (1%, 1,530 Votes)
Colton Haynes (2%, 1,278 Votes)

2010 Man Crush Showdown Finals: Who's The Hottest?

  • Scott Herman (77,704 Votes)
  • Matt Lanter (51,103 Votes)
  • Henry Cavill (12,665 Votes)
  • James Preston (4,769 Votes)
  • Maxwell Zagorski (1,867 Votes)
  • Charlie Williams (1,556 Votes)
  • Colton Haynes (1,337 Votes)

Total Voters: 150,999

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