Man Crush 2010 Showdown Finals

For several weeks, readers have been casting their votes for their pick as 2010’s Ultimate Man Crush. On a weekly basis during 2010, I’ve shared my weekly man crushes with you. Sometimes they were hits, and sometimes they were misses, but each won my cyber heart for a whole week. After tens of thousands of votes during three preliminary rounds, here are you finalists.

Fitness buff Scott Herman and Brit heartthrob Henry Cavill come via Round 1, with Herman winning. Round 2 gave us Colton Haynes and 90210’s Matt Lanter. Originally I was going to make the finals consist of only 5 finalists: the winner of each round and the next two vote getters. But with the hustle and bustle of Christmas week and a shorter voting period than the rest, Round 3 contestants didn’t get their fair due. Having said that, I’ve selected the top three- Maxwell Zagorski, James Preston and Charlie Williams – to compete in the finals.

Make sure to vote for your favorite and vote often. Voting ends Monday Jan 3, 2011 when the winners will be announced 9am PST.


Occupation: Fitness Model / Real World Alum
Original Date: April 9, 2010
Why I Chose Him: His amazing body almost makes me want to hit the gym. Almost being the operative word.

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Occupation: Actor / Tudor Hottie
Original Date: April 30, 2010
Why I Chose Him: His juicy butt got as much screen time as his handsome face on The Tudors. Enough said.

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Occupation: Actor / 90210 Bad Boy
Original Date: August 20, 2010
Why I Chose Him: 9021-OMG. He makes me wanna head back to homeroom class for a little “extra credit”.

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Occupation: Actor / Teen Wolf
Original Date: June 25, 2010
Why I Chose Him: He made watching ABC’s summer flop “The Gates” a “howling” good time.

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Occupation: Actor / James Dean Doppleganger
Original Date: September 3, 2010
Why I Chose Him: He plays the iconic “Rebel Without A Cause” actor but with a gay twist.

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Occupation: Actor / Naked Art Model
Original Date: October 7, 2010
Why I Chose Him: He caught my attention while I was channel surfing. Then when he dropped his pants, I wiped out.

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Occupation: Broadway Actor / Shirtless Dancer
Original Date: October 14, 2010
Why I Chose Him: He loves to get naked for Broadway charities, and I love seeing him “support” worthy causes.

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2010 Man Crush Showdown Finals: Who's The Hottest?

  • Scott Herman (77,704 Votes)
  • Matt Lanter (51,103 Votes)
  • Henry Cavill (12,665 Votes)
  • James Preston (4,769 Votes)
  • Maxwell Zagorski (1,867 Votes)
  • Charlie Williams (1,556 Votes)
  • Colton Haynes (1,337 Votes)

Total Voters: 150,999

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  • Chia Pet

    True, there was no cash or any other type of tangible prize awarded the winner of this poll, but something probably even more valuable was obtained by the highest vote-getter—bragging rights. Winning this thing will look pretty darn good on a professional “resume”. Self-promotion is the name of the game.

    Anyone who doesn’t think there is a commercial pay-off in winning this type of popularity poll is being naive.

    Do you think Scott, as he bills himself as the Man Crush 2010 Showdown Finals winner, is going to mention that the voting was flawed and that he didn’t win fair and square? I’m kinda doubtin’ it.

    And the second place winner, who might have liked to have had a shot at some bragging rights, too—and who knows, maybe a little career boost—will never know if he would have won in a fair fight. The top two vote-getters were neck and neck much of the time until the wild ballot box stuffing kicked in, so it was unfair to guy #2.

    We might think of a poll like this as a bit of meaningless fun, but to the ones participating there is turf to be gained.

  • Jane Doe

    Chia Pet, you are so wise.

  • ohhhh geez…

    Let’s see.. it specifically says at the top..

    “Make sure to vote for your favorite and vote often. Voting ends Monday Jan 3, 2011 when the winners will be announced 9am PST.”

    Now that I know the website is encouraging it’s viewers to “VOTE OFTEN” let’s see how good my math is.


    If all of my 44,000+ Community Members (not fans) on facebook voted twice… that would equal….

    88,000+ votes…

    My total votes at the end of the contest was..77,704 TOTAL votes.

    *Thinks really hard*

    Seriously, this was supposed to be fun. Relax, enjoy life… maybe even play some Halo: Reach 😉

    PS: My total community on YouTube is 64,000+

    *Thinks really hard again*

    I know that a lot of my community members spent a lot of time voting on here to help me win the contest. I would like to personally thank you for showing such an amazing amount of support.

    My prize for winning this contest? A reminder of that special place in my heart that is filled with the love and support of my community that keeps me going one day at a time. <3

  • ronny

    vote for scott

  • Erik

    This has nothing to do with the subject anymore, cause winning something like this by spamming your followers doesn’t make you the best looking one, it just makes you someone who’s overly competative. I don’t think many of the others would keep on asking people to vote for him several times a day. don’t get me wrong, Scott is a nice guy and inspiring, but to me, this just seems a littlebit sad!

  • Erik

    @Scott… sorry dude, but the spamming is the reason I stopped following you. it just started to become a call for attention and losing grip on reality a bit. you are doing great things, I know that, but you can overdo it.

  • Marcus Smith

    wow, talk about tall poppy syndrome!

    Scott Herman won this competition and he encouraged his supporters to visit this website and vote for him.

    The worldwide exposure and the amount of internet traffic that this site has obtained because of Scott Herman is massive!

    I am proud to be a Hermanite and I spent hours voting for scott, and I know many others that did also.

    Congratulations Scott! You are a very worthy winner.

  • Darko

    Everyone who complained about this poll being “rigged” should read Scott Herman’s comment and for fuck sake it says “vote as often as you like”. This means that there are unlimited votes. Now would you losers get a fucking life and stop complaining. Look, you made me use bad language :(.
    On a lighter note, Go Scott woop woop Hermanites Unite!

  • Mike Sarzo

    Once again, I remind everyone of the instructions of this poll.

    Vote often.

    Those conditions were the same for ALL the contestants, no matter whom we the voters felt most deserved to be the Man Crush for 2010. Matt Lanter fans, Henry Cavill fans, Scott Herman fans, etc., all had the same opportunities to vote for their guy.

    In the long run, what’s the significance of winning this contest? Is there some crown akin to the tiaras worn by Miss America, Miss Teen USA or Miss Universe? Is there some huge pile of cash?

    No. All this contest was is a bit of fun, a chance for us to drool over men that few of us would ever kick out of our beds if we found them there. With respect to Erik’s comment about Scott “spamming” us to vote here, none of us were forced here. Those of us who voted or “power-voted” in some cases did so by choice. It’s a simple way for us to give back to someone who has done so much for so many of us, and the only things it cost us were a few moments of our time and a few clicks of the mouse.

    The guys who made it this far all look great. A couple of them even have homo credentials. Let’s take this contest for what it is: A chance for us to have fun checking out the men who got our pulses racing a bit more in 2010.

    I congratulate Scott on his victory, but I also congratulate all the competitors for getting this far.

  • John Walter Seip

    It Does Say To vote Often And Im sorry But There Is Nothing Wrong with Scott Herman Using His FB which Is His Own page to promote a contest he made the finals and ASKING his fans to Vote. Scott ASKED Not DEMANDED. I believe I Voted three times in the total of a week

    Whay are those that are upset only targeting Scott, Second place finisher, Matt Lanter Got Over 51, ooo Votes.

    That is also because his vans voted Often like this site asks you to do.

    Sorry No Fraud here

    Sorry for those who spent hours voting for their man crush who do not win but thats the nature of the game

    But wait if you spent hours voting doesnt that mean you voted often, but wait that means you voted more than once, but wait you just blasted all the Scott Herman fans For the same thing you did but your guy didnt win the poll. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  • John Walter Seip

    I also Love How people who know nothing about someone who won this poll and have admitted used his personal relationship or what they think they know of it by Court Documents they saw on a website as their “Actions”as a way to define who He Is and His GF Too. Condeming those without knowing the story behind things just makes One assume things and we know what is said about those who make assumptions.

    So Maybe before you judge folks who you don’t know should ask yourself what if someone judged me by something they saw on the nnet which wasnt a true repersenative of who I am. How would you feel?

  • Chia Pet

    Scott, we know you have the requisite number of “hermanites” or followers, or disciples, or kool-aid drinkers, to theoretically have gotten the job done, and you also know, or should know, that however few or however many of them voted for you is beside the point.

    This site accepted three votes per minute per user, and it knows the pc address from which the votes come. BUT proxy software was set up to counteract this, so that a new ip was seen with every vote. Ring a bell, dsome1? You were one of the offenders. You registered fifty votes per minute. How does that compare with the three votes per minute allowed? I would call that “voting often” all right.

    Restated, proxies were used to fake new ip addies. Homorazzi has to either know this or be behind it. If not, they are asleep at the wheel/failed grade school reasoning.

    OK, Scott and others, if you have any common sense at all, you can see by the impossible numbers the system handled that there was dirty work afoot by dsome1 and likely others.

    Let me repeat something I said above: I know Scott does have the large following you mention, but the thing is that the voting was proceding at a faster clip than the system could handle if it was an honest system/being used honestly. How many supporters Scott has or doesn’t have is immaterial. Find yourself an IT expert and look into it. You’ll be forced to agree.

  • Come-a-cozzi

    Ho ho chia pet-ster

    way to come back at scotts LUV IN
    with some factssssss do I smell ca-ca burgers on the grill???

  • W Paul

    Ok lets take a look at some of the facts from an out gay male, after all this IS a gay oriented internet publication. While not exclusive gay males are the target audience. The title of the contest is “2010 man crush showdown.” From my perspective if the voting was left to just voting on a photograph of a man it would be a contest on the quality of the photograph. A personality from someone who is deemed good looking, hot, sexy, whatever can help or hinder the attractive level that someone is considered. Scott Herman has proven on a daily basis he is worthy of this title, by being more than just a “pretty face.” Scott offers unconditional support to people around the world if they are members of his site or not PERIOD. He challenges us to do better engages us with the information to be better and to share and support all of those that have an interest. This MAN doesn’t “phone it in” he is there in person and available to ANYONE. The voting rules were adhered to as set out by the site. The winner has been determined, this matter is over.

  • Thanks for the kind words Marcus, Darko, Mike, John, and Paul. 🙂 I really appreciate the time you took to write them and they meant a lot to me.

    As for Chia Pet…. putting a bunch of big words in a paragraph doesn’t mean that we should believe the BS you are spewing.

    I voted for myself probably 6-10 times a day as a means to check out the results of the ongoing competition as this was the only way how.

    “BUT proxy software was set up to counteract this, so that a new ip was seen with every vote. Ring a bell, dsome1? You were one of the offenders. You registered fifty votes per minute.”


    As for Erik, I am sorry you feel that way my friend. I hope in time you come back to the community as 2011 is going to be a great year for fitness! 🙂

    See you!

  • Chia Pet

    Now let me understand this, Scott. You voted for yourself 6-10 times a day and that was your system of checks and balances? I’m kinda thinkin’ I know why you thought those were big words.

    I see that you opted for a string of half-weak looking lol’s and called it good rather than going out on a limb and saying the poll was solid as a rock. Good choice.

    If I were you, I’d have opted for the lol’s, too. Even though this poll wasn’t the big deal to end all big deals, if you declared it fair and somebody decided to expose the machinations that went on behind the scene, you would end up with egg on your face for all your worshippers to see, and that would not be a pretty sight.

  • John Walter Seip

    When The directions Say You Can Often That Means There are no Limits On Voting, So Nothing Was Rigged Chia Pet. Just Let It go & Get on With Your life. sorry That Your Mancrush Did Not win But Thats how Life Happens

  • Chia Pet

    It means no limits on honest voting, JWS. It doesn’t mean no limits on the amount of proxy software you set up to counteract the honest voting. Obviously you have not really looked at the situation.

    I will ignore your kind advice about getting on with my life since I have put in my eight hours on the job today and find my life is moving along okay. It only took four minutes to let you know that your logic is sorry.

  • Chia Pet and Mia sound like the same person to me.

    and yes, people are freaking out sugar. You guys are just not letting it go.

    first of all Scott probably won because he was one of the only ones who knew about this contest and actually promoted himself. So kudos to him for being in touch with social media and doing what he needed to do to win.

    **Notice that he is the only one posting on this thread about it**

    It would’ve been interested to see if there was only a 1 vote per person rule. Though.

    Moving on…

  • Chia Pet

    Mia and Chia Pet are two different people.

    Whether Scott used the social media or spent his time knitting a nose warmer for himself is beside the point. A system that took only 3 votes per minute from your ip or mine took 50 per minute from somebody else’s. I can connect those dots.

    Glad to see you’re moving on, Tommy D.

  • John Walter Seip

    My logic Is In Line With The Rules for This Contest Chia pet. have a Good Life

  • John Walter Seip

    Tommy I Kindsa wonder what It Would Be like If Voting Was Limited But Like Scott wsaid He Has Over 65,ooo fans on Youtube and Matt lanter got over 50,000 which was way impressive given that third place only got 12k and no one seems to question The results For Matt Lanter


  • John Walter Seip


    Unless You Are Affliated With Or Work For This Site, How are you able to Know How Many Votes Came From An IP address. Are You Hacking Into The results to see where the votes are coming from. Cause If you are, you know thats illegal. And If You work For This Site, wouldnt It Be I dont Know Unethical to participate In a contest That your Work sponsors?

    I Just Cant figure Out How else You would “know” all This about what each IP address Did

  • Chia Pet

    Trust me, I know. I do not work for this site. I did not hack.

    Matt’s votes were within reasonable limits and are not in question. Scott’s votes on the last day of the polling were verifiably not possible.

  • John Walter Seip

    Reasonable Limits Lol You make it seem like we were electing POTUS

    Look this was a fun contest and it was based on popularity and Scott Promoted this on his sites and his fans voted for him so his votes were also reasonable

    Once again sorry that your man crush didnt win but Im sure even though Scott & His Fans are happy he won they wouldnt go on here complaining about IP Addresses and Voting Behavior and badmouthing the winner if Scott had lost

  • Chia Pet

    Your assumption that I have a man crush is not correct.

    I am pretty sure that among Scott’s fans there would have been plenty who would have cried foul if he had lost due to fraud, and rightly so.

  • John Walter Seip

    No Fraud Here

    Just Fans Voting Often as The Rules Stated They Had The Right To Do

  • Chia Pet

    Is this your site? You seem awfully interested in defending it. If you were to analyze the votes that came in during the last day and a half and focus not on how many persons could have potentially voted, but rather on how many votes the system could handle per time period, that would be eye-opening. There is a limit to how much voting access a site can manage, especially a slow-loading site like this one.

  • John Walter Seip

    Actually Never Heard Of The Site Before Mancrush Buts its A Pretty Cool Site

  • Chia Pet