2010 Emmys: The Fashion Disasters

It wouldn’t be an awards show if there weren’t a few fashion disasters (or disastahs, as Beyonce would say) in the mix. Sometimes it’s better to be on the worst dressed list than to go unnoticed. Any press is good press, right?

During last night’s 62nd Emmy Awards, thankfully a few ladies made fashion mistakes, giving media an opportunity to trash and mock them the next day. While all the following ladies are gorgeous in their own right, the list just clearly illustrates what happens, when ugly clothes happen to good people. Let me know if you agree with my list of the 2010 Emmys’ worst fashion offenders.

Dianna Agron

The 24-year-old “Glee” star was the furthest thing from elegant on Emmy night. This Carolina Herrera dress looked more like a tablecloth reject than haute couture. Even with the $140,000 Cartier diamonds, Dianna looked like Scarlett O’Hara’s daughter in a “Gone With The Wind” skit on The Carol Burnett Show. Trust me, that’s not a good thing.

Toni Collette

Prints are rarely worn on major award red carpets primarily for the reason above. Toni’s strapless Valentino gown looks more like a handmaiden’s dress made from a cheesy painting that could be found in some cheap motel on the interstate. What do I know. Maybe this print is so fashion-foward that Toni will be having the last laugh at me in ten years.

Anna Paquin

This newlywed “True Blood” actress looks more ready to run with the bulls in Pamplona or fight them instead of attending the 62nd Emmy Awards. I love Alexander McQueen’s visionary designs, but this matador-inspired gown looks more costumey than high fashion. Her House of Lavande jewelry doesn’t help her cause one bit.

Rita Wilson

I was literally speechless when I saw this picture. SPEECHLESS. Without words… I can’t believe this crystal embellished disaster was from the brilliant hands of Prada. The jeweled second layer looked like a crystal trellis. As if the dress wasn’t bad enough, the lucite matching shoes took it to another heinous level. They were better suited to the classy Shauna Sand or some low-class stripper than on Hollywood royalty. Rita is better off, leaving crystal hanging to her foyer chandelier instead of wearing it.

Naya Rivera

This Cheerio looks more ready for a quinceanera in the 1980s than attending the Emmys. The Simin dress isn’t actually that bad, but that broach by the slit and the unfortunate hair brings it over to the disaster side. At least she picked a dress that shows off her sexy legs. She certainly has them and knows how to use them.

Mindy Kaling

“The Office” star’s dress can pass as a design-gone-wrong on an episode of “Project Runway”. Mindy seems like a sweet girl, but there is nothing redeeming about this Aguri Sagimori outfit. The bust is astrocious, the bottom unflatteringly puffy. Either this girl needs a better stylist stat or she needs to learn not to piss off her current one. Why else would she be wearing this hot mess? Talk about stylist vengeance.

Lo Bosworth

Ummm, when did Lo Bosworth turn 40 and become a politician’s wife? There’s no cohesion in this vintage look at all. The neon-pink lips, red fingernails, green dress and turquoise jewelry… what was she thinking? Was her appearance an overt attempt to catch “Mad Men’s” casting department to book a job. The classic Karen Caldwell green frock isn’t half bad when accessorized well, but isn’t suited for such a young lady. Definitely not age appropriate.

Heidi Klum

Speaking of age inappropriateness, the 37-year-old supermodel was showing off her post-baby body in this Marchesa sexy number. The entire look would work for an MTV awards show, but not for a higher brow ceremony like the Emmys. Ergo, Klum’s place on my worst dressed list. Considering she’s had so many kids, the woman has a killer body that most 20-something women would die for.

2010 Emmys: Who Was The Biggest Fashion Disaster?

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Which female celebrity earns the title as worst dressed? Was there another fashion atrocity I forgot to mention? Leave your comments below.

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