2010 Emmys: Who Will Win Best Lead Actor, Drama Series?

This is the last major Emmy acting category I’ll be giving my two cents on before the big night. Most likely, it’ll also be one of the last awards given out on Sunday night as well. So who’ll win the “Best Lead Actor, Drama Series” award? Read below and find out.

Kyle Chandler

Show: Friday Night Lights
Role: Eric Taylor
Episode Submitted: “East of Dillon”
Just like his female costar, this nomination is long overdue. Chandler has been lauded for years for his strong but vulnerable performance. According to most industry experts, Chandler is one of the frontrunners to take the award home.

Bryan Cranston

Show: Breaking Bad
Role: Walter White
Episode Submitted: “Full Measure”
Best known for his patriarchal role in the comedy, “Malcolm in the Middle”, Cranston has been nominated three times in a row and is the reigning champion with two wins. If he wins this year, he’ll be three for three.

Matthew Fox

Show: Lost
Role: Jack Shephard
Episode Submitted: “The End”
Fittingly enough, Matthew Fox scores his first Emmy nomination for the last episode, titled “The End”. If a groundswell of nostalgia and love for the show takes over the Academy, Fox could be a dark horse to win this category. If not, his nod will be his parting gift for giving the world Jack Shephard.

Michael C. Hall

Show: Dexter
Role: Dexter Morgan
Episode Submitted: “The Getaway”
Sometimes extraneous factors besides acting skills play a role in who wins the award. Michael C. Hall’s very public battle and win over cancer will surely garner him a few votes. Question is, will it be enough to beat the favorites.

Jon Hamm

Show: Mad Men
Role: Don Draper
Episode Submitted: “The Gypsy and the Hobo”
Just like Cranston, this is his third straight nomination, but unlike him, he’s come home empty-handed on each occasion. “Mad Men” had a stellar year last year and if they want to reward the show, they might give the award to Hamm in this category.

Hugh Laurie

Show: House
Role: Dr. Gregory House
Episode Submitted: “Broken”
This is Laurie’s fifth nomination and could take home the award this year due to his brilliant work in the show’s season opener. Laurie hit the ball out of the park for the two-hour asylum episode. It’s about time, this Brit got his recognition.

2010 Emmys: Who Should Win Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series?

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SHOULD WIN: Hugh Laurie or Kyle Chandler
WILL WIN: Bryan Cranston

Pretty much anyone here could win on Emmy night. Hopefully someone other than Cranston wins. It’s time the Academy spread the wealth and honor someone new. Hopefully Chandler, Laurie or Fox wins the Emmy.