Wrapping up the comedy acting categories today, let’s take a look at the talented men singled out for their comedic talents. The category features one newcomer and a handful of familiar suspects. So which of these men will take home the Emmy for Best Lead Actor, Comedy Series? Let’s take a closer look.

Alec Baldwin

Show: 30 Rock
Role: Jack Donaghy
Episode Submitted: Don Geiss, America, and Hope
Baldwin has won the award the past two years. He has a decent shot for a threepeat but faces stiff competition. While 30 Rock doesn’t have the buzz it once had, Baldwin still remains as the face of the comedy. Even with a substandard year, Donaghy remains one of the funniest things on the show.

Jim Parsons

Show: The Big Bang Theory
Role: Sheldon Cooper
Episode Submitted: The Pants Alternative
If anyone has a shot of knocking Baldwin off the thrown, it’s Jim Parsons. The talented young actor has been praised for his comedic timing and performance on one of CBS younger-skewing shows. It’d be a nice change of pace for the Emmys to award the statue to someone under 40 for once.

Matthew Morrison

Show: Glee
Role: Will Schuester
Episode Submitted: Mash Up
One of my favorite episodes from Season 1, but I don’t remember Matthew being particularly good in this episode. I can’t even recall if he sang anything in this episode. For me the Confessions/It’s My Life and Halo/Walking on Sunshine mashups are the true standouts from this episode. Out of the Glee cast members nominated, he’s the biggest longshot, IMHO.

Larry David

Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm
Role: Larry David
Episode Submitted: Seinfeld
If there wasn’t a pseudo Seinfeld reunion on this season’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, I highly doubt David would’ve been nominated. I think he’s the recipient of transplanted love for the former NBC sitcom. Color me shocked if he wins the award.

Steve Carrell

Show: The Office
Role: Michael Scott
Episode Submitted: The Cover Up
Supposedly, Carrell is leaving “The Office” next season and the academy might wait til next year to recognize his work. I don’t watch his show, but do think Carrell is hilarious in his films. It wouldn’t shock me if he won.

Tony Shalhoub

Show: Monk
Role: Adrian Monk
Episode Submitted: Monk and the End
This was “Monk’s” final season and if voters want to get all nostalgic, they might award Shalhoub with an award. But since he’s won this award numerous times, I highly doubt they’ll go that way. His nomination is his parting gift.

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SHOULD WIN: Jim Parsons
WILL WIN: Alec Baldwin

Though Jim Parsons is the heavy favorite to take home the statue, I think Baldwin has enough friends and goodwill from the academy that he’ll eke out a win. I’d be happy with either of these two funny men winning.