You can tell the holiday season is in full swing, when “Top 10” lists of 2010 start popping out every two seconds. One of the most revered and longest-running lists is Barbara Walters’s “Most Fascinating List”. On today’s “The View“, Bawbwa released eight of the ten names making her “2010 Most Fascinating List“. The other two names and Most Fascinating person won’t be revealed until her ABC special airs on Dec. 9 at 10pm EST.


Would he stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers, or won’t he? That was the multi-million dollar question everyone was asking during the summer. With his contract expiring with the Cavs, Lebron James became a sought-after free agent. In an unprecedented move, LeBron announced his decision live on CNN’s “The Decision” in an hour long live special. His decision to play for the Miami Heat for the 2010-2011 season was greeted with cheers in Florida, but provoked outrage and riots in Cleveland. Feeling betrayed by James, loyal Cavs’ fans burned memorabilia and jerseys featuring his number and image. With the furor he elicited, he definitely deserves a slot as one of the most fascinating of the year.


Well past her golden years, Betty White is experiencing a career-high most actresses years younger would die for. This past year, she appeared in one of the most memorable commercials during the 2010 Super Bowl. Her “Snickers” appearance prompted a grassroots Facebook campaign to land her a SNL hosting gig. Not only did she score a coveted hosting gig, but her appearance elevated SNL to humongous ratings. Proving she’s no slouch in her twilight years, White landed a regular role on TV Land’s “Hot in Cleveland“, which gave that network its highest ratings ever. Having achieved all this the past year, Rose Nyland is definitely worthy of making it on Bawbwa’s list.


Bieber Fever was so rampant this year, I was surprised the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) didn’t issue a global warning. The Canadian-born teen sensation had legions of fans purchasing all his goodies. Tween girls weren’t the only ones affected by Bieber, millions of adult men also caught the fever. NFL quarterback, Tom Brady, even sported the Bieber haircut this past year. At the recent AMAs, Justin won every award he was nominated for. You know you’ve made it when your likeness inspires a hilarious spoof website.


Sandra Bullock achieved this year what most people thought she would never do, including her. And that was winning a Best Actress Oscar. With movies like “Practical Magic” and “Forces of Nature” under her belt, it seemed like a super longshot, but then along came “The Blind Side” and everything changed. Unfortunately for her, she fell victim to the Best Actress Oscar curse, and divorced her then-husband, Jesse James. In the midst of the scandal, Bullock emerged with her head held high and with a new adopted son named Louis. With the trials and tribulations of 2010 almost past her, Bullock is moving on with numerous film projects and philanthropic efforts.

The Jersey Shore Cast

Love them or hate them, the tanned bunch of “Jersey Shore” were everywhere this year. Proving they were no fluke, the cast avoided the dreaded sophomore slump and came back with even higher ratings. Every Thursday, the brash-talking crew attracted record viewers to MTV. With Season 3 already filmed, don’t expect any of these guidos or guidettes to go away anytime soon. One of the breakout stars, Mike “The Situtation” not only appeared on the latest DWTS season, but is reportedly going to make millions this year. The other breakout star, Snooki, inspired legions of people to dress like her this past Halloween. Along with Bieber, those two were the most popular celebrity costumes this year. Even two-time house reject, Angelina Pivarnick, has a single out, albeit a horrible one, but a single nonetheless.

Jennifer Lopez

“The Back-Up Plan” didn’t exactly signal a comeback for her, and neither did her never-released album. But due to her addition to American Idol’s Season 10 judging panel, Jennifer Lopez was everywhere in the media. No disrespect to Steven Tyler (the other newly added judge), but when Idol premieres in January 2011, all eyes will be on Jenny from the block. Will she live up to the hype and more importantly will she be able to fill the shoes left by Cowell, DioGuardi and DeGeneres? Most likely the last two but not Simon. He’s irreplaceable in my eyes.

Kate Middleton

Reportedly, Kate Middleton, was already selected for the list before news broke of her engagement to Prince William this month. To that, I call bullsh*t. I’m sure her name was on reserve just in case her upcoming wedding was announced. Without that, I’m not sure you can add Middleton to the list. Even with the announcement of her becoming England’s princess-in-waiting, I’m not sure she’s one of the most fascinating either. IMHO, she would’ve made a better choice for next year’s list after her extravagant royal wedding has taken place.

Sarah Palin

For all those who though Palin would fade into the sunset after her failed vice-presidential bid in 2008, you were so very wrong. Not only did she not disappear, but she was bigger than ever. Her reality show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” gave TLC the biggest ever launch in the channel’s history with over 5 million viewers. Her notoriety didn’t only extend to herself only, but her family has received benefits as well. Her daughter, teen activist (polite way of saying, getting knocked up) Bristol Palin, made it all the way to the finals of DWTS’ most recent season. This is Palin’s second appearance on the Barbara’s list. She was featured in the 2009 list as well.

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What do you think of the revealed names so far? Are they “Most Fascinating” worthy? I wonder if another woman will earn the title as “Most Fascinating Person of 2010“. For the past five years, Walters has picked someone without the Y-chromosome to hold the title. Michelle Obama (2009), Tina Fey (2008), J.K. Rowling (2007), Nancy Pelosi (2006) and Camilla Parker Bowles (2005) all earned the top spot in previous years. Who will join that list this year?