In 2007, actress and screenwriter Julie Deply debuted her film “2 Days in Paris” at the Berlin International Film Festival. It received critical acclaim there and impressed audiences here in North America as well. Now, Julie is ready to release the sequel to her hit indie film with “2 Days in New York.” This time around, she’s placed Chris Rock alongside her to play her romantic lead.

In the film, Julie’s character Marion and her boyfriend Mingus (Rock) have a picture perfect life in the city of New York. Then, it all gets turned upside down when Marion’s family decides to come and visit. Mingus tries to keep it all together but he can’t help but get frustrated with the events coinciding with Marion’s parents arrival. Will Mingus be able to stay sane for the duration of their visit? Check out the movie trailer below and tell us if you’ll check this film out in the comments.