“2 Broke Girls” Gets “Lost” With “Legally Blonde”

Hands down, one of my favorite new shows this season is “2 Broke Girls“. I never thought I’d watch anything on CBS besides their reality shows. The sitcom is the first scripted show I’ve watched regularly on the network since… I can’t even remember when. Watching Max and Caroline’s weekly adventures make Mondays worth looking forward to. Plus it’s featured two of my former Man Crushes. First, Noah Mills showed off his sexy obliques in the first two episodes and now Nick Zano has joined the cast as the object of Max’s flirtation.

As if this show couldn’t get any better, it’s just signed one of my favorite comedic talents to join the cast. Before I reveal who that is, I have other casting news to share. Former “Las Vegas” and “Lost” star Marsha Thomason has been tapped to play Cashandra. Her character is a beautiful woman who gets involved in a romantic rivalry with Max (Kat Denning) over Johnny (Nick Zano). Fans of a Max and Johnny coupling need not worry too much about this love obstacle. Thomason has only signed on for two episodes. That being said, if her character is well received, her stay could be extended or she might re-appear at a later date.

Joining the cast in a more steady capacity is none other than the brilliant Jennifer Coolidge. The “Legally Blonde” star will play a woman named Sophie who moves into Max and Caroline’s Brooklyn building. I have no doubt Coolidge’s addition to the cast will make the show even more hilarious. The memorable neighbor has always provided the funniest one-liners in the best sitcoms ever.

Til this day, my friends and I still quote her outstanding guest spot on “Friends” when she showcased an awful British accent. Remember, she played Monica and Phoebe’s former friend who moved to London? Plus, the woman was Stifler’s mom in the “American Pie” movies. Coolidge is comic gold. “2 Broke Girls” co-creator Michael Patrick King worked previously with Jennifer on his other hit comedy, “Sex and the City“.

How excited are you that Jennifer Coolidge will soon be gracing our television sets on a recurring basis? Are you a big fan of “2 Broke Girls” like me? If you haven’t watched an episode yet, what are you waiting for? It’s pretty awesome.