1986 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship


Hahaha. This is hilarious. What do you get when you cross Spandex, the 80s, dance music, and a mustache? This video. Check out this video of three guys from the San Francisco Bay Club competing in the 1986 National Aerobic Championship. Here’s how they themselves describe it:

“The best part about working with these guys is I love competing with them and they’re my best friends.”

“The best part about performing with these two guys is they keep me in line and it’s a lot of fun.”

“How to describe our act in one word…’We’re hot!'”

Meh, I can see Rich, Dan, and Kevin giving them a run for their money. Haha.

  • Adam

    Ahhh Allen Thicke was the host….how 80’s can you get. Did they win???

  • Dan

    THIS IS SO US! Kevin, Rich, what do you say? Let’s run these guys into the ground!

  • Alex

    this is what i do before i get into tran…