1 Girl 5 Gays: “What’s Wrong With You?”

On a recent episode of MTV Canada’s 1 Girl 5 Gays (Season 3, Episode 30), Aliya-Jasmine posed the question: What’s wrong with you? Such a simple question (but is it really?). I don’t understand why it has so deeply resonated within my mind. What’s wrong with you? … As if there is something wrong with all of us; that there can’t be anything that isn’t wrong with any of us.

The answers weren’t as deep or vulnerable as I wanted or expected them to be. There definitely isn’t enough time in one episode to pry into such a question, but maybe I just expected the cast to open up more. Maybe we, as the audience, didn’t actually get to see the vulnerability of each cast member’s response.

Why this question has not escaped my mind is because not one person responded positively – as if saying nothing was wrong with them. Each cast member pointed out a flaw: there IS something wrong with me.

JP responded by saying that he resonates too much on the past and thinks about the future too much; Philip stated that he takes things too personally; Mike Yerxa admitted that he was “passionate to a fault”, but at the end of the day, he believes in what he believes in and he must remain true to himself. Which, in my opinion, is not a fault in the least. None of these are faults. Who doesn’t worry about the future? Who, at times, doesn’t take things too personally?

The question was answered, but I didn’t get the “why” (as in: Why do you think this characteristic is something that is wrong with you?) out of each cast member that I really wanted to hear. Why do you worry about the future? Why do you take things too personally? Why are you so passionate? That, in my opinion, doesn’t even make sense. Why is being so passionate something that is “wrong” in a person?

If I were to admit a fault or something that is “wrong” with me, I would say I am too stubborn – when it comes to accepting advice from others. However, I don’t believe this is a fault. I’m stubborn because I do not like to settle for less. Of course I welcome comments, concerns, and advice from others, but whatever the issue is I am making a decision over, it is me who the outcome will affect. I am extremely independent, but, again, not a fault. I value my opinion the most. Thanks for the advice, really, but I will have the final say. That way, the only person who can be held accountable for any and all decisions is myself.

So why is this a fault? Why is it that because I like to be in control of my own life that this is something that is wrong with me?

Why is it that when we are asked a question with a negative undertone that our instinct is to respond negatively? Why didn’t anyone respond: “There is nothing wrong with me”?

The status quo is built to defeat. What is wrong with you? There is nothing wrong with you.

  • Daniel

    whats wrong with me? My penis is too big. JK. Insecurities and a lack of self-discipline