1 Girl 5 Gays: Do You Consider Yourself A Feminist?

On a recent episode of MTV Canada’s 1 Girl 5 Gays, Aliya-Jasmine asked her expert panelist of gays: Do you consider yourself a Feminist?

I remember when I was in my third year of university and taking courses such as Theories of Gender & Sexuality and Social Movements that that exact question had crossed my mind multiple times. This is interesting to reflect on it because, firstly, I am male and, secondly, I am a gay male. Could I consider myself a feminist?

Feminism is a collection of movements aimed at defining, establishing and defending equal political, economic and social rights for women. A Feminist is a person whose beliefs and behaviour are based on feminism. Feminism examines gender inequality and feminists fight for gender equality. Just as gay rights advocates examine sexual inequality and fight for sexual equality in terms of orientation.

One of the panelists, Jake, said he didn’t consider himself a feminist because he wasn’t a female. The issue isn’t about being a female in order to be a feminist. The majority of feminists will be females: they are fighting for gender equality based on anatomical differences. However, that doesn’t mean fighting for female equality is only limited to females. Aliya-Jasmine played Devil’s Advocate by stating that “straight people can’t advocate for gay rights” if men can’t advocate for female equality. Does that make sense?

I don’t know if I initially thought that, because I was a gay male, if I considered myself a feminist, it would make me more effeminate (not to say that I am or that there is anything wrong with an effeminate gay male); that I would appear as the stereotypical gay male in a heterosexual-dominant society. For that reason, I couldn’t consider myself a feminist at that point in my life.

Do I consider myself a Feminist today? Absolutely. Just as I consider myself a gay rights advocate, an athlete, a pop culture enthusiast. It’s just another aspect of my multi-faceted identity. It isn’t the only thing that defines who or what I am. Rather, being a feminist defines a part of who I am and what I advocate strongly for. Rights. Human rights. A person doesn’t have to be a member of a minority group to advocate for female equality (I’m sure there are heterosexual males that advocate for female equality, or at least there better be). However, identifying with one minority group (LGBT) does help one to identify with members of another minority group (females). It should foster a stronger relationship to advocate for any issues that both groups are struggling to fight for.

So, Jake, yes, (gay) men can and should be feminists. Sex (being male) has nothing to do with that aspect of identity. Always put yourself in someone else’s shoes, to be purposefully cliché. Imagine that you were a female. Imagine that you continuously had to struggle for your own equality. You would, most definitely, want someone else to (help) advocate for your equality.

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  • Perry

    Oh Jake, that episode definitely changed my opinion about him. The irony is more transparent than water.

  • Yay!

    Welcome christian! this is exciting, i love the show and am glad your are going to be doing summaries of the episodes. Good job and good luck!

  • Bella

    When I watched that episode I said to my self jake is crazy lol but at the same time i new some one was going to say somthing off the wall lol (It is What it Is)lol Any ways I love the show it gets me threw the week and Welcome Christian cant wait to read more from you! TTFN p.s Is it me or is Aliya Jasmine way smarter then everyone in the word lol (think about it)