1 Girl 5 Gays: “Chris Brown Is (BLANK)” – The Issue Of Violence & Celebrity

The latest episode of MTV Canada’s 1 Girl 5 Gays (Se. 3, Ep. 24) was slightly uninspiring, however, there was one question that Aliya-Jasmine raised that I thought was interesting and is still a relevant hot topic today, even with the incident happening almost 3 years ago.

With his supposed “comeback” performance at this year’s Grammy Awards, Chris “beat down” Brown is certainly back in the spotlight, for his music and for his ominous attack on Rihanna.

Obviously there were mixed reactions to the posed question. This is a very heated topic of discussion, no matter what group of people you are talking to. Abuse is no laughing matter, but because Chris Brown is a celebrity and produces music, it gives rise to the issue of what celebrities can get away with (and have the greater public sympathize with the celebrity).

Chris Brown is certainly a “douche” and he is certainly “talented”. Two polar opposite responses; the first from Alex and the second from Jason. Each opinion is credible in my opinion. There is no denying that Chris Brown is a big douche for beating Rihanna. There is also no denying that Chris Brown is talented either. He’s an incredible dancer and performer, and has 8 Billboard Top 20 hits. However, being convicted of felony assault trumps those Billboard happenings. Or does it? Do you like Chris Brown’s latest single, “Turn Up The Music”? I sure as hell do. The song is definitely a “club banger” and the choreography in the music video is brilliant. There is no doubt he is talented.

Now going back to the “douche” comment Alex raised. As Jason stated, “if you like Chris Brown, it’s like promoting violence against women.” Jason didn’t say this himself, but was paraphrasing possible reactions to someone who still likes Chris Brown. If you like a song, you like a song. You shouldn’t feel guilty or apprehensive about sharing it on Facebook or Twitter with your friends and followers. Yes, there will be people that will reply to the post saying “How can you like Chris Brown?!”, but we all know those exact people are blasting Chris Brown as they type that comment. Some people are hypocrites and insecure in their own interests that they have to put down someone else’s. Don’t let that bother you. You know that track is wicked.

Although I can and will still listen to Chris Brown, I have to point out the “ugly truth” to the matter.

Remember during the 2012 Grammy’s when this happened? It’s sad when teenage girls and young women succumb glorifying Chris Brown’s abuse … ON THEM SELVES! “Everyone shut up about Chris Brown being a woman beater. Shit he can beat me up all night if he wants.” Really? REALLY?! These women have zero self-respect.

It’s sad and appalling that these women think this way. But then again, are these women only saying this because Chris Brown is a celebrity and find him attractive? Just wait until the day your boyfriend beats you down. Would they still find abuse “hot”? It might possibly be that some of these women actually get a kick out of abuse. Fetish much? Who knows? Hopefully this doesn’t happen, but if it does, you will think twice about praising a criminal.

But are we really surprised by these reactions? Who are we kidding? We are so desensitized to violence it doesn’t matter if Chris Brown beats us down. (Not to say that everyone would let Chris Brown beat them, but the point is there).

Ultimately, the great majority of us will continue to listen to Chris Brown because his music is infectious at times. Who doesn’t like ‘Forever’? The majority of us do not support violence or abuse against women, but he fact of the matter is that, because of Chris Brown’s celebrity status in society and popular culture, he will continue his community service and he will continue to produce music. Who knows, he may even continue to beat women. Lessons learned? Only time will tell … as we turn up the music.

Disclaimer: The views presented in this article are solely those of the author and do not represent Homorazzi.com in its entirety.

  • Philip

    I really don’t support listening to Brown’s tracks at all. Yes I have heard one of them on the radio, liked it, looked to see who it was, and immediately turned it when I saw it was him. Music is wonderful but he is not the only person who makes it. And I highly doubt he’s the one who wrote it. I will blast anyone who gives their money to him and I have all the confidence in the world about my view that he has no right to be recording. If an artist beat up a gay man you would be calling for a conplete boycott… Do NOT deny it.

  • Christiaan

    Hey Philip,

    Thanks for your continued interest in my posts. It is greatly appreciated.

    I am not denying anything. This post is a reflection of my opinion on how we, as a greater public, dismiss such violent acts and continue to show support for artists like Chris Brown by continuing to listen to his music. I know you do not listen to his music for the reason of his abuse on Rihanna, but there are others who still do listen to him.

    Chris Brown has, in the past, sent out some homophobic tweets, yet I still continue to listen to him.

    Adam Lambert, an openly gay musician, is another example. He was in a brawl with his boyfriend last year, yet I continue to support him and listen to his music. There is no doubt he is a talented musician. Even the gays get caught up in “domestic” violence.

    That is the issue: “Violence & Celebrity”. I do not condone abuse on a partner, but, as I’ve stated previously, I will continue to listen to Adam Lambert without a doubt.


  • Supporting Chris Brown means you support violence against women and homophobia. period. Do not celebrate or give awards to a man who beats women.

  • Matt

    Christiaan i don’t think this article presented what you explained in your comment-what you explained in your comment is a much more intriguing idea since there are so many celebrities with skeletons in their closets. No one is perfect, especially not celebrities but the question is whether or not they own up to these imperfections. Chris Brown acts like a victim and that the whole world is against him. He does not realize that the reason so many of us are against him is the fact that he beat a woman and then proceeded to act as if it wasn’t that big a deal. If I saw Chris Brown donating time and money-taking a very prominent and public role-against domestic abuse and saying “I did this and it is wrong. I will hopefully never do it again” then i would reconsider listening to his music. Also his dancing is sub-par (Neyo is significantly better) and his music is easily replaced by Taio Cruz or another cookie cutter R&B/Rap artist.
    And like Tommy D said, when you post a Chris Brown song on twitter or download him from iTunes, you are publicly supporting that artist. If you know that he has beat a woman and does not seem the least bit apologetic about it than you have to cope with that fact. It has nothing to do with me being insecure about my interests, it means i’m a consumer with a brain.
    Sorry about the rant. haha

  • Graham

    What makes Chris Brown less creditable is him lip syncing at the Grammy’s… TWICE! And then winning an award!

    What little respect I had for him as an R&B artist is now gone completly

  • Lukas Austin James

    Listening to Chris Brown means you like his music. Period. Paying to see him perform live, maybe you like him. Paying to see him fight a girl, perhaps then you support violence against women. Don’t support HATE, if you don’t like the music, don’t put it in your ears. Don’t support violence, don’t BE violent, don’t be a HATER, and by all means don’t bully your opinions around. To Chris: keep your eye on the ball and your hands on the mike and keep making great music for all those who like to listen to good music. Peace and Love. Period