Austria is one of the remaining countries left to visit on my travel list. As a hardcore musical nut, you can pretty much guess why it’s on my bucket list. I really want to know if the hills are indeed alive with the sound of music ;)

After checking out this striking black-and-white editorial for, I might have to bump up Austria on my priority list. These Austrian-bred hunks are leaving me speechless yet eliciting plenty of dirty words.

Check out below Julian SchneyderPatrick KafkaDomenique Melchior & Oliver Stummvoll (left to right) smoldering for the creative lens of photographer Kosmas Pavlos. If you can choose, weigh in on which of the handsome quartet is your favorite.

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To celebrate the release date of her eleventh studio album, Unbreakable, on October 2, Janet Jackson debuted the official lyric video for the Missy Elliott-assisted tune “BURNITUP!”

Since, the 49-year-old legend premiered the track during her tour kickoff in Vancouver, it’s only fitting the entire tour entourage participate in the lyric video. Jackson’s backup dancers, tour DJ, crew members and even concert goers hold up placards with the song’s lyrics.

Normally, I’m not a fan of artists using concert footage for clips, but since this is technically just a lyric one and not an official video, I’ll let it slide. Plus, I adore Janet and the woman can do no wrong. Check out the fun visual below.

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It’s October 3rd, Happy Mean Girls Day!!!

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If you’ve seen the film as many times as most gays have, you know October 3 is the day Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett) asked Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) what date it was. It’s one of the memorable lines from the extremely quotable comedy.

Check out the scene below to refresh your memory. And as an aside, don’t you think Aaron Samuels, does in fact, look better with his hair pushed back? I’m definitely watching Mean Girls for the umpteenth time this weekend.

Also worth watching, is Todrick Hall’s hilarious parody Mean Gurlz.You won’t regret it. Happy Mean Girls Day everyone. And even though it’s not Wednesday, might I suggest a little pink today.

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CBS Developing MacGyver Reboot

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Best.News.Ever!!! MacGyver was one of my favorite shows from my childhood. Dude could diffuse a bomb with just a paperclip or create a smoke distraction using everyday kitchen supplies. Sadly though, I made the mistake of rewatching the series a few years back. Love the show but some series don’t age very well. That’s exactly why this reboot is absolutely perfect. Think of all the things he can fashion with today’s technology.

Furious 7 and Insidious director James Wan is executive producing the project and directing the pilot. Henry Winkler, who exec produced the original series, is also on board to serve in the same capacity.

“A reimagining of the television series of the same name, following a 20-something MacGyver as he gets recruited into a clandestine organization where he uses his knack for solving problems in unconventional ways to help prevent disasters from happening.” – CBS

The original MacGyver ran for seven season on ABC from 1982-1992. Several attempts have been made to bring back the series both on the small and big screen, but no avail. Given Hollywood’s current love for all things nostalgic like Full House, Twin Peaks, Prison Break and The Muppets, it appears this time it actually might happen.

Are you excited at the prospect for a new and updated MacGyver? Weigh in below after checking out some memorable moments from the original series.

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Will Smith Channels Pitbull On ‘Fiesta’ Remix

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Bomba Estéreo must feel like they won the lottery. You can’t pay for this type of exposure. After stumbling upon the Colombian band’s music, Will Smith decided to contribute a couple of rap verses for their current single. How ecstatic they must’ve felt to have one of the world’s biggest stars as their fan and also reach out to them.

“When I was told that Will Smith wanted to collaborate on a remix with Bomba, I couldn’t believe it. This opportunity to work with Will was beyond anything we have dreamed of. It’s not a traditional featuring—it’s just magic. We all had a blast together at the video shoot and we want to thank Will for being so warm and such a pleasure to work with… and for rapping in Spanish!” – Bomba Estéreo bandleader Simón Mejia

The remix for “Fiesta” marks the first time, Big Willie Style has recorded a song in a decade. It’s interesting that the 47-year-old entertainer chose to rap like Pitbull, serving up rhymes in both English and Spanish like the “Timber” rapper. To be fair, Smith did score big with “Miami” long before Mr. Worldwide ever came into the picture. Check out Will’s comeback below.

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Sports Stud: Pelle Rietveld

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For this week’s Sports Stud, we’re featuring a decathlete from The Netherlands named Pelle Rietveld. This handsome 30-year old Dutch athlete competed at the 2013 World Championships in Moscow, Russia.

In addition to some photos, I’ve included a couple videos of Rietveld in action, giving you a glimpse of all the hard work he puts into his training.

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The oft-delayed third Bridget Jones film has finally started filming. It’s been twelve years since Renee Zellweger played the titular character in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

With production underway, many are curious what the 46-year-old actress will look like in the film. Which face will she bring to on set? The original one everyone fell in love with years ago or the new one that shocked everyone last year? Check out the first official promo pic released by Universal to find out.

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What’s Swiftmas you ask? The first-ever event last year found Taylor Swift hand-picking gifts for a few very lucky fans. She even delivered them in person. The entire thing was captured on film and edited into a mini-documentary.

Being the pop culture aficionado that he is, Ryan Murphy chose to incorporate Swift’s giving ways on the upcoming Halloween episode of Scream Queens. But obviously, with his signature dark twisted take on things.

Instead of your typical gifts, Chanel Oberlin, played deliciously by Emma Roberts, gives her social media followers creepier presents. From cruel notes to faux bloodied body parts, the sorority president goes all out. Check out the first ever Chanel-O-Ween celebration below.

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